Sunday, August 27, 2006

Waking up at Night to Feel the Air of Midnight Summer

Waking up at Night to Feel the Air of Midnight Summer

I sit by the window
Feeling cold and blue
Knowing that I can't be with you
Only breeze of emptiness blow

All I see is starless sky
And hopeless dreams to get on by
Lost in my soul taking me over
Pieces of you in this midnight summer

I am a soliloquy in silence
Reminiscing the moments have passed
See reflections of you, yet in absence
I know things where should be placed

Moments with you
Ease my loneliness in blue
Memories that clamoring my thought
As rhapsodic silence is also fraught

Oh, when better days will come to start?
Longing and waiting, yet this night begin to over
But even were miles apart
I'll stay forever.
I wrote this poem on my birthday March 15, 2003. Obviously, I wrote this poem a night of summer, since March is already the start of summer. It's all about missing my friends thinking that they might not greet me on my upcoming birthday or come for a house party but if you'll look at another perspective... it giving a message to someone very special to you that you don't want to let go. I hope you like this poem entry hope I got a good feedback you. Enjoy reading!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sukob din ang kasal mo!

Sukob din ang kasal mo!

My blog entry title today is very familiar and catchy to everyone especially to moviegoers of this year's phenomenal movie - Sukob. This is one of the famous line of the movie that everyone who watched will probably never forget that movie because of this line. Sukob is a Filipino wedding superstition that a sibling must not go under marriage under the same year or a series of unfortunate events will happen to the couples. The other belief - "Sukob sa Patay" is that if a family relative died in a year, a marriage of a relative must not take place or a series of bad lucks will happen.

Best Wishes... Death Wishes...
I myself was impressed after watching the movie, it was a great horror movie that will surely give you the creeps and suspense you're looking for in a horror/suspense movie. It is in the same level of hit horror movies like "The Grudge" and "The Ring." Sukob is currently the top grosser movie of the year and the top grosser movie in the whole history of Philippine Cinema. It also got a worldwide premiere. Wow! It only means that the movie has surpassed other past Filipino movies that had become top grosser even from the 70's to 80's and 90's! That was really amazing. And I think that no movie can equaled or surpass Sukob's status as the top grosser in the whole history of Philippine Cinema. If there is, it will be a hard-time to equaled it. Unless Kris Aquino and Claudine Baretto will do it again. With Chito Roño again directing another hit movie. Maja Salvador also gave a nuance acting performance who has a vital role in story of Sukob. She was nonetheless who said that famous line in the movie in a monstrous and threatening voice.

Just Married... Just Burried...
I myself don't believe in Sukob before but now I believe. But not in the superstition itself, I believe that marriage in siblings should really take one year apart bec. It is good to remember one beautiful event in one year by one sibling in the family and the other one the nest year. Its like they own each year's memorable event. In "Sukob sa Patay", it really should postpone a marriage when someone in the family died in a year because it is not a good year to remember sometime in the future when something sad happen then at the same time at that year a happy event to remember. A one year after is also a time to let the grief subside. 'Hope you watch the movie because it is really great, the story is excellent and its really worth watching it... kasal ang sumpa...
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