Sunday, July 16, 2006

Repost: Echoes of Caressing Cry

Echoes of Caressing Cry

A river of emotion within me flows
A burst of affection slowly grows
While I ponder
Dreamy in a wonder

My thoughts were in delight
But in my heart, there is firelight
Its warm is conquering my body in uproar
A warm I never felt before

Though I deny
Blue-sky is in my eye
Felicity is swimming in my vein
And bliss to this feelings play in my brain

I conceal it every bit
Hide it
But its voice reaches my surface
To see this through my face

I try to cover this emotion
So, I cast it away in my notion
Yet, it whispers in my ear
Conveying a voluptuous music from balladeer

I thought it would sweep
If I had one sleep
But I was wrong in haste
For even sleep I cannot taste

In every move, I can feel the passion
The strong feeling runs in my blood and wants my submission
It succumbs my whole being
Now, I cannot resist it anymore this feeling

Though I bury it
Though I conceal it
I cannot conquer it anymore
This feeling puts me in torment more and more

I close my eyes
In the silence of my heart and mind it unties
There is a cry
A cry burdens my heart and mind to be crucify

I cannot subdue it anymore
It's you my heart cries for more
But who will knew it out of blue?
When is every act I do there is no echo that I love you. **************************************
This is a repost poem; I've already had published it here in my blog a year ago. I consider "Echoes of Caressing Cry" as one of the best poem I wrote about love. When I first write it in December 1, 2003, all think about is that this is a love poem but as I read on it can be a poem for courting or give on a love letter to woo someone. In the end it turned out one of the best - an "obra". Be the judge. But for me this poem is one of the best love poems I write since the day I begin loving to write.

Echoes of Caressing Cry tells what is happening to someone who is succumb by love and keeps on hiding that love. No matter how many times you try to hide it, it will burden your feelings as your heart cries for that love. It won't go away. And though you conceal it, you find it hard to make her/him see that love for it is only you who tries to conceal that echo of I love you.

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