Sunday, May 21, 2006

Vietnam Rose

Vietnam Rose

Today is the launch of my 6th layout entitled "Vietnam Rose" inspired from my trip in Vietnam last April 29 and ABS-CBN's teleserye "Vietnam Rose". This layout not only gives a glimpse of Vietnam and one of it's promising city of Ho Chi Minh but also previews the real story behind "Vietnam Rose". It goes beyond the scenery pictures of Vietnam and leads to the stories of Vietnamese who were affected by the war and still continue to struggle in life to rebuild the lost love that has affected their lives during the dark war-torn past.

This layout features a lot of section to feel the ambience of Vietnam in your senses. "Vietnam in a nutshell" gives you a glimpse and basic info about Vietnam and its vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. There is also a section of my detailed journey trip in Vietnam in case you miss my post about it in "Vietnam Diary". Plus a slideshow showing the beautiful places to visit and typical life scene in Vietnam. With this so much exposure about Vietnam, I can be a tourism officer! But I hope you do like my layout. I'm open for comments and suggestions about the layout and please do leave a comment either in my comments section below or in the tagboard.

Maybe one would wonder what "Vietnam Rose" really is. Vietnam Rose is said to be the dubbed name for a venereal disease during Vietnam War but there is really a Vietnam Rose the blooms in the city. These are small astray roses like "damong ligaw" that can be found in streets or in grasses around Vietnam according to an article I’ve read. But beyond looking at those flowers, it is comparable to Vietnamese people who are living today to continue their life after surpassing the dark past of war. Like those stray flowers they continue to search for the love if not rebuilds it to mend their dark past and leads them to a promising life... to a beautiful flower in full bloom. Have a nice surfing day!

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