Wednesday, May 31, 2006



A glimpse of you
In the look of love
My heart was in sweet response
My mind was in dream beyond

In just looking at you
The blow of air stops
The time of space slows
And only the fire of emotion flows

In time to ponder
All I can think about is you
All my dreams in nights was you
All started in just a glance of you

A glance ito your eyes
And I see... love
Circling around the blackness of your pupil in my fantasy
How I wish more of you I could see

I want to look in your eyes longer
Longer, so that its beauty stays in my mind
And understand the depth of its emotion
I want to look at you longer than devotion

A glance into your face
And I see more of your loveliness
How I wish I could lay my lips there
To kiss the smoothness of your pale pelt than only to lay a stare

I want to caress your face
I desire to feel its loveliness
But I also long to you to cradle my face
So I can kiss your palm in my sweet pace

I'm longing to held your hand than just a glimpse
And press it to feel your warmth
I want to touch your lips
So in my dreams I could kiss those red lips

I'm longing to let you know my passionate love
Than to bridge it through glances
I want to hug you in my arms of true
So you may feel how much love I pour in you

This is what lies in my desiring reverie
A fantasy of longing for you more than just a look
How I desire this is a reality of romance
So that I won't be dreaming from a mere glance.
Going back to the old days... I started to posting poems again which I've written. I can't remember since when I last posted my poem in my blog... I think it was a year ago since my last post. Anyway, here we go again back in posting poems. I hope you like it and please do leave a comment about this poem I wrote. Honestly, I haven't write poems lately.... I don't know why... not inspired? Maybe... I did not write any poem since 2005 until to this date. But I'm planning to write again this year... hopefully I get to write again.
Anyway, about the poem "Glance", I wrote this poem last June 4, 2004... fresh from rest after summer class. This poem is about "secret love" because at that time I have a crush classmate in my summer class that seems to be near but yet still "very far away". But I just realized that this poem can be use in courting... as I just read it again while typing this poem. Well, that is the power of poetry. Please do leave a comment about your interpretation of the poem after reading. Have a nice surfing day!

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