Thursday, June 01, 2006



I'm currently reading a book of Dr. Margie Holmes entitled "Wild Wicked Wonderful" which also defines my personality... And as I read her compilation of advice column I encounter a striking interesting term "closure" in one of her case articles. Margie Holmes defines closure as a psychologist concept often refers to when dealing with people who are in pain over their relationship. She stressed that closure is very important because one of us can never truly move on to other relationships and other endeavors unless we have this. Closure is achieved when there is a clear end to things. It is achieved when you have said what you wanted to say, when you have done what you wanted to get done, when you have the answers to the questions you wanted to be answered. Dr. Holmes said that not everyone can have complete closure at all time when relationships end, but there are some relationships that have more closure than others. In our life, especially in our relationships we encounter the need for "closure" especially when we know that it is time to move on. I find it practical to have closure because it is not only applicable to our special loved one but also to our friends. This concept was an answer to the "things" that keeps on bothering my mind, that's why whenever I've confronted with an issue and then the aftermath... I always have this feeling that I have to do this for me to move on in my life. And that's what I do - I close everything. It becomes an answer for everybody who wants to move on, but the best thing I learn here is that you need to close issues in your life (esp. the dark parts) first before moving on with your life. After closure... keep moving.

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