Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bangkok, Vancouver or Tokyo

Bangkok, Vancouver or Tokyo

Bangkok - offers plenty of historical and cultural wonders. A visit to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, once the capital of more than 400 years, can attest to its past grandeur. Among temples and rivers, street markets and shops are havens for bargain hunters. Some eateries offer a cruise on the Chao Phraya River, which many claim to be one of the more scenic cruises in the world.

Vancouver - is the largest city in Western Canada and the nation's chief Pacific port. Its location on hills with views of the harbor and the Coast Range Mountains as well as its mild winter climate makes it a popular tourist destination.

Tokyo - Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The sprawling urban center contains over 10 pecent of the country's population. The city is noted for the Imperial Palace, several parks, museums, temples, and the Kabukiza theater.

These are the 3 places that I'm pinpointing to visit this summer. But actually I want to visit them all this summer. Especially Tokyo... as early April, Cherry blossoms starts to bloom in the city. Oh! What a wonderful sight to see the whole city flourished with a seemingly white leaves trees when those are actually the light pink flowers of Cherry Trees. It was breathtaking. I miss Japan. The Cherry blossom experience is an exceptional experience to remember. I remember when we there back in April 2004... those Cherry Blossoms were sure unforgettable. It's my first time to see it. The falling of the flowers made me somewhat feel the atmosphere of those that I see in anime scenes of Cherry Blossoms. From that moment when I touch the falling cherry flowers, I felt somewhat I am in the anime scene. I won't forget it. It's really breathtaking. I'm also excited to travel to Bangkok and Vancouver as I have never been in these places before. Those descriptions above promise an unforgettable experience to remember when you visit them. I hope I get visit them this summer as part of my vacation plans... and hopefully three of those exciting cities. But whether only one of them I get to travel to or two, traveling one of those places will my summer vacation a summer to remember.

Happy vacation!

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