Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Officially out

Officially out

I am now officially out of affiliation with Philippine Airlines today as I surrendered my on-the-job-training (ojt) i.d. which slated on expiration tomorrow this noon. Yes, I'm now "officially out" of PAL but not goodbyes already... we'll see each other again in August. Well... the place brings back again good memories of my training. I met Mam Cora and Miss Jet again. I was also greeted by ever-friendly Mam Loida - she was really down-to-earth coz at first I had an impression that she's a "primadonna" since she's from a Conjuangco clan but yet she is very friendly to trainees and to everyone like me and Mam Glenda - again with her infamous flirtatious nosy greeting ;) Too bad, Mam Manette and Mam Anna weren't there. Well, I feel delighted being there coz I miss my ojt days there... and I met again Miss Jet - my co employee there and whom I'm close with. We share stories again like in the old times of my ojt as I spend my lunchtime there. Miss Jet, whom I fondly called her and not "mam" because were almost in the same age. She's a year older to me. Aside from paying a visit, I dropped by our pictures to Miss Jet. Now that I'm officially out of PAL I told her that from now on I'll call her "Jet", her nickname. And we're now friends! I wish Liezel was also there, one of my co-trainee their so our company is whole again. Oh cut off! Before I retell again my PAL training story again and before this post become a novel! I guess I'm just missing the old times. I'm "officially out" of PAL for now... but I'll be back again. Enjoy reading!

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