Monday, March 27, 2006

Let the Sebastinians live

Let the Sebastinians live

Last night, March 25, I attended a most-awaited event, our highschool reunion in my highschool alma mater (San Sebastian) in a concert entitled "Hits 2 (Marami na kami!)". I was really a night of memories, entertainment and fun as we gather with my fellow highschool batchmates. We were batch 2002 - The Sebastinians 2002. It was actually a fund-raising concert where highschool teachers will perform in dancing and singing presentations and this event was actually the second being the first one entitled "Hits." This year it dubbed the title "Marami na kami!" as they invited from batch 2000 to 2005. And they made sure that from each batch there will be a presentation. Our batch was performed by Jeaness and May, singing the M.Y.M.P. hits like "Especially for You" and "Tell Me Where it Hurts". Talagang madami na kami coz it became the biggest gathering of Sebastinian alumni's!

Actually I'm really excited before this event to happen because I'm going to see my former classmates and friends in highschool that I do really miss a lot. And I will also see my former and favorite highschool teachers there. And my expectations never failed me. I meet again my close classmates in highschool like Joy Anne, Jorizel and Lory Anne. Some of my classmates did not attend but my friends were there like Arthur, Jeaness, May, Kat & Kisses. Jennifer and Arianne were there too. It was a real night of memories and entertainment as we reminisce again the beautiful memories we had in our highschool days. We enjoy the entertainment catered to us by our former teachers in highschool who did a superb dancing and singing presentations (some were acoustics, which were really entertaining). It was also funny to see our former teachers sing and dance. There were also live band performances to complete our concert showcase. Most of the songs played were modern band songs so most of us of new generation youth enjoy it. The concert ended in a extravagant dancing number of teachers. And our reunion would not be complete without pictures! We had pictures with my former classmates, friends and of course with our highschool teachers! We also had a picture in our former 4th year classroom when we visited the classrooms. We literally took a picture in front of the classroom door so that our former section name IV-St. Sebastian place at the top of the door can be seen in the photo.

The Sebastinians live that night. It was a real night of fun, entertainment and memories. The people, the place... it brings back a lot of memories. I really enjoy that night. I hope this event happens yearly so that we can get in touch with our former classmates in highshool every now and then. Ito ay talagang napaka-sayang reunion. It was always delightful to relieve those Sebastinian memories again and again because those are "maravillosa" to remember. Those memories make me somewhat optimistic and happy... that's why everything I learned from my alma mater and memories I take will always be with me and whenever I will go... I will always be a Sebastinian!

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