Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want party!

I want party!

Today is a very special day for me as today is my birthday! I'm celebrating my 21st birthday today. and I really want a party! You know... party like having discos and good time... because I'm 21 and in guys its a turning point age. Something like a milestone that happened. If I'm going to be the one who will lead I really want to have party!!! And I'm going to invite all of my friends. I'm really dreaming of a party for my 21st birthday... something like everyone will really enjoy it... and they will never forget. Like a pool party since its already summer. Or we can have it in a real party place like in disco bars in malate where we can freely dance to the beat of disco musics. You know I like discos. And like dancing (just in discos coz its dark there, I can move what I want... ^_^) . Anyway, those were just "dream party" but I do hope it will happen someday when I have the "money" already. But for now I have to enjoy a house party they prepared for me for a while. Gotta go my friends are coming.... Happy Birthday to me! Cheers!

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