Sunday, March 05, 2006

The heat is on!

The heat is on!

Yes! The heat is on... because it's March already! This is the official start of summer! Its Summer 2006! And everybody is happy... this is the time for relaxation, vacation, a lot of sleep, happy hour and a lot more things that can be involved to busy with this summer. I'm really looking forward for a great and "grand" vacation this summer because school is over. It is really over coz I'm graduating from college! Yahoo! :) and I deserve a great vacation... after four years of studying... tests... projects... sleeping at late nights... eyebags... and time sacrifice for social life, I really need a break! I'm going get a lot sleep to erase those eyebags and relieve myself from stress of 4 years of schooling. I'm going to relax to regain my youthful glow coz in the lasts weeks I've been really stressed by my school responsibilities. And everything is about school is over. I'm really counting the days down to the day of graduation. I really want to get over it. And I'm excited about what is going to happen this summer, what will I'll do, what things I'm going to busy with, what are my vacation plans like places to visit with... so I'm really looking forward for a great summer this year. May everyone have a great and sunny summer vacation...

Enjoy summer!

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