Saturday, March 25, 2006

The finale at the center stage

The finale at the center stage

This is the day that I have long waiting for! Counting the days to see the end of stage part of my life, it is now over. This recent morning ended my academic years of studying as I have reached my culminating activity for college, our graduation day. The event was held at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), the same venue where the 1994 Miss Universe was held. There was indeed a sure atmosphere of pageantry and I really felt the ending of my academic years as the plenary hall made feel me prestige as we walk and parade to end our college years, especially when I walk up to get my diploma up the stage. This event is really the conclusion of everything in my studies. And I really felt it this morning. And I'm happy! Kasi ito na talaga ang katapusan... ang pagwawakas! I know learning doesn't end and it doesn’t have to end. But this day signals that those learning I learned inside the four walls of our classroom have to be applied in the outside world (I mean, job). And now, new learning must learn from experience outside the school. I'm glad that I've finish my Psychology course with all my best and high hopes. Congratulations to all my friends in Batch 2006 who graduated this year. Good luck to our careers!

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