Monday, February 27, 2006

I don't want to say goodbye....

I don't want to say goodbye...

...but I have to do.

This would be the continuation of the phrase title of my blog entry today if I had to continue it.

Last Thursday, February 23, I reach my last day of training in Philippine Airlines (PAL). It has been a month of training there in the office set-up. And I experience a lot and different situations esp. a worklife environment during my entire training in PAL. My exit was somewhat a mixed feeling of I want get out of there but I still want to stay there. Weird, I don't know... I really want to get out there, since I have other things to deal with and I don't like some of my duties and "primadonna" superiors there but I still want to stay because of new-found friends I have met. And I somewhat enjoy my stay there at least.

I'll miss a lot of things there and people who were been very friendly to me...

I'll miss coffee... I usually start my morning there with a cup of coffee. I think I became more coffee addict after (Actually, I'm really a coffee addict). I'll miss Ate Vi and Ron at Sales Admin. They were been very friendly and good to me... even I exited in their department after one week. In my new department at Inflight Services Training Division (IFST), I'll miss Miss Jet, one of my co-employees there who supervises us and who I became befriend with and Liezel, my co-trainee who I am close with. I'll miss some people... whom I share my everyday there... Mam Cora's whining voice and whining phrases of "kk", her infamous questions of "galit ka?" and "are you ok?" together with her infamous eyebrow raising, Mam Glenda's nosy greeting and her phrases of "Ian, you have an assignment..." and Mam Anna's smiling face.

What I won't forget in my training in PAL is you have to smile or greet a co-employee there everytime you face them. I was trained there to have a smiling face! and I was difficult for me because I normally have serious face and not all the time I’m in the mood to smile. So everytime I go to our office, In the elevator goin up in 3rd floor (where my office is located), I started to fake wash my face with my hands and massage it so that any undesirable emotions that can been in my face disappears and make my face look delightful before I go to our department... ready to smile to everyone. It also made me set aside my bad moods and feelings to resurface in my face when I'm at the office. I somewhat feel that I was also train to become a flight steward in a moment because I have to cater a smile and a warm friendly aura to everyone. Coincidently, our department is specializing in training flight attendants of PAL.

My training is over. And I want to thank those people who made my stay in PAL an enjoyable experience and a memorable one. I want to thank Mam Angie; for always being friendly to me, Sir Rowen; aside from friendly, helped me work on my transfer at IFST, co-trainees - Vilma and Ron at Sales, Liezel at IFST and Miss Jet; co-employee at IFST and friendly trainers of IFST - Mam Glenda, Mam Ana and Mam Manette.

I don't want to say goodbye... My training is over and I'll surely miss a lot things there especially the people who have really good to me and the everyday work life we share. I'll miss the atmosphere of friendship we share and the stories we shared. I'll miss our happy moments too. I never thought that those people that I've shared a month with I'll miss them. The farewell of missing them made me think that this is like a beauty pageant where you'll stay a month in another place, meeting new people you befriend with. And after the contest is over you have to say goodbye and go back your real place. But one thing is for sure... I will never forget them.

...but I have to do it. I have to move on with my life. I have other things to accomplish. And some things in my training that I don't like, some tasks, some people... The time has come that it has to end it. It's over. I have to do it to for me to move on. I'm delighted that my training is over at least. Still, I have feelings of - don't want to let go - maybe because of the attachment to my everyday environment and of people I enjoy to be with... and bec. of the happy moments we share in a short time. And I want to explore more. But the time is calling to end it... I have to do it... I have to say goodbye.

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