Monday, January 23, 2006

We Teach you… Excel!

We Teach you... Excel!

This first blog entry title comes from the brochure tagline of Philippine Airlines Learning Center. Well, its quite long time since my last post and this is the first for 2006. And for the start of this year, I've just completed my one week of duty in my industrial setting training, which started last Monday. Well, the title and tagline from brochure really has an association to my entry today. My on-the-job training in industrial setting was in Philippine Airlines, particularly in their Learning Center which is their school for training and development.

I didn't choose to be in the HR (human resources) department as the office there is dull, the place is gloomy and the commute for transportation is disadvantage. So the PAL Learning Center located at Padre Faura St. Ermita, Manila is an advantage to me... since the transpo for commuters like me is easy as the buses were just passing on the Taft Avenue. The PAL Learning Center at Faura is really suitable for my training, located at the heart city of Manila; it is near to other familiar and visiting district of the metropolis.

PAL Learning Center is the home of their training and development department. It is where their employees are trained before they go to their actual workplace. It is also where the pilots and stewardesses are being trained.

I started in Sales Admin Dept... I don't know why the HR assigned me there since am a psychology major. But at least I enjoy my work there together with my co-trainees - Ron and Vilma... who we fondly called "Ate Vi". But on Monday I'll be assigned on 3rd Floor in Inflight Services Training Department, so that I can be with Nagi, my classmate. We worked for my transfer there. And I really want to transfer there because it’s more related to my course especially training - we're also studying it.

Now that my educational and clinical setting has ended, it's now the time for the industrial setting... well, I hope that what the tagline in PAL's brochure says "We teach you... Excel!" will happen to me. May my training experience in Philippine Airlines will serve as a training ground for me to discover new learning and experiences that would help me become a better person.

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