Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lara... you're my hero

Lara... you're my hero

Hurray! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Last night, Philippines won the Miss International 2005 in Tokyo, Japan represented by Precious Lara Quigaman! Lara becomes the fourth Miss International of our country! Hooray! After 26 years I think, the Philippines wins again the title at last... an international title for the country.

It makes me more proud of being a Filipino... and a new source of inspiration, pride and honor is created for fellow Pinoys. I thought I'm going to die without seeing a Filipina waving in the crowd of international competition and being crowned in an international beauty pageant. I'm really happy! And also for my country! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! But I also hope that Pinoys in Olympics will follow in triumph in 2008.

How wonderful it is to be in the center of the international arena... heralding the sash of Philippines... the name of the Philippines. This just proved that Filipino charm, grace, beauty and talent are truly a world class. I'm happy because despite of political and economical turmoil in our country, there is still a source of pride and honor.. a hero in hard times... that there's still a lighter side in our country.

Lara's feat victory just proves that Philippines is really a beauty pageant powerhouse.

Thank you Lara... for honor and pride. May you have wonderful reign as Miss International! Mabuhay ka!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Jasmine Trias...Live!

Jasmine Trias...Live!

Last Saturday, I accidentally, I mean not planned to go to SM Bacoor (mall). I went out with my friend who immediately needed to change her contact lens at the mall and needed someone to be with her. Well, at first I want to go because I have "school businesses" to finish, but it was worth it. I know Jasmine Trias is here in the country but I never thought that Jasmine Trias would have an album tour there at the mall. As we stroll around, the crowd crowded to the activity center... and it was Jasmine Trias who is performing live!

I joined with the crowd to get a glimpse of jasmine… she's one of my favorite singers. She performed first her first song with MTV, "Lose Control", a r n' b-dance music. I cannot recall the other songs she performed but her voice was really beautiful. Imagined! She performed live, and I never heard her voice singing live like that!

Later, I saw the autograph signing. The line was really long and people are patiently waiting to get an autographed album and poster of Jasmine, plus to have pictures with her. I want to have an album of jasmine but I had I can’t buy it because I did not planned to buy it in my budget so I was there envying others (T.T) to have a signature album of Jasmine. It was her debut album. I went near the stage… she was a doll-face, natural beauty, short but has a friendly, warm bubbling personality. I know someday I will have an autograph album of Jasmine… time will come. In live performance, she really had a great voice so I don’t know why she didn’t become the American Idol winner but for me, Jasmine is the real Pinoy Idol!
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