Monday, August 29, 2005

A Lady at 18 (the video)

A Lady at 18 (the video)

Last saturday I've watched the video f my sis debut... it was almost perfectly polished though there are still some flaws in the vid. But the whole package was fantastic and the vid was great! I'm satisfied with all the vid scene captures. I've watched it again yesterday with my uncle and aunt who are leaving today bound for US. It was always a relief feeling to watched it again and again... Actually I had a last song syndrome after that, the "especially for you" song performed by my friend Jeaness in the intermission no. I kept on singing that song after that... It is a beautiful song, don't you agree w/ me? But another song that strucked me from the vid was "Be My Lady" who was perform by Rizal, another intermission number, he got a beautiful voice (how i wish I also had). I was strucked with the songs beautiful lines of this song...

Be my lady,
Just forget the past
It's time to mend your broken heart
Let no walls divide us now;
Dry up the tears in your eyes,
Nothing to fear about,
I'll give you all that I have

But still its "especially for you" who strucked me hard. It was really a beautiful song to sing.

Looking back from those moments that I saw from the vid... those moments are really once in a lifetime to happen. Recalling it was an exhausting experience but a very rewarding experience in the end. I'm happy that is was staged successfully and it was over... it feels great to reminisce it again. It's tiring but I still prayed it will happen again... it is an unforgetable experience of a lifetime and worth to look back gain and again.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Lady at 18

A lady at 18

Last night we successfully staged the debut of my sis Ria at Boom City Restaurant. I was a very exhausting activity but in the end it was very rewarding to relieve again the spectacular event. Especially in my part as I am in charge of the programs that night. I was busy in the whole night affair that I can't even finished my dinner! (I wasn’t able to eat my fruit deserts too!) I was really busy in line-up of the programs – I was walking back and forth to the stage to cue the hosts and then the music to the DJ. And before the ceremony start I was also in the reception table, receiving the participants coming as the usherettes wasn’t there yet to attend the guests.

My sis really turn 18 last July 14 but due to the request of my relatives from US, we scheduled it in August 20 (and since they also gave sponsors in the debut we grant this far date) "A Lady at 18" was the title of her debut... I was the one who made it. I also made the program of the party with help of my mom and my friends. I also made the beautifully crafted invitation of my sis. I was happy to see this creation of mine, I described it elegant, minimalistic but simply beautiful - this was my "sponsor contribution" to her party since my mom cannot handle all the expenses for the party. (Actually it took me a long time before I finished a complete product of the invitation). I also put my name at the back of the invitation cover to know that I was the one who made it (a big credit for me hehehe…), advertise my e-mail add and phone no. hoping that future customers will be interested.

The whole night was spectacular! I was so relief and happy after the party ended (our two month preparations - at last ended!) There was a disco after that, playing the tunes of my favorite disco songs (I moved my body to the beat!) I would like to thank my friends - Arthur and Jeaness - for lending their creative talent in hosting the event (they were the masters of ceremony!), April and Ariane (who willingly participate in the 18 treasures) and Katuy - for attending the event. That night was successfully staged and I'm happy with it. It was so memorable as it was the first time I hold that kind of event that seems to be once in a lifetime to happen. It was an event deserve to be look back in time...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Red Wine

Red Wine

It taste so sweet
The glass is perfectly shape
You cannot resist its bittersweet
The bright red its shade

I shared a glass with you
A glass with red wine
On the soft bed with you
Your lips is all over mine like vine

The nwe kiss and kiss
I imagine your lovely face
Isn't it bliss?
You lean over me to me without gaze

The love overflows
Like the glass spilling with wine
As your body moves over so close
Lean over your bare chest in twine

After tonight
Will you remember and love me
Every kiss from your sweet lips all night
Feels like a feeling this is meanty to be

On the bed you're like breathless
You drink a glass of red wine
Fir it takes emotion or emptiness
Taste it, the the lush of red wine.
Its been a long time since my last post... I think it was last March or February of this year... -whew- what a long time! Well, I got busy with my school projects and my pc broke down so I dont' have time to update. Anyway, since my last post is way months ago... here's my new post of poem, which I wrote in March 24, 2000 with a time at 6:30p.m. (wow very detailed! - actually it was really written in my original journal of poems that I wrote, maybe because to remeberwhat time I wrote it). I dont't really know why wrote about red wine... maybe I just got fancy of it and associated it with romance. Actually, I had imaginations associated with red wine as a tool for sensual or even a sexual feeling. I admit that some of my lines need polishing, but what I post here is the poem I wrote as it is. The poem was a bit sensual and has sex innuendos in its content. Enjoy reading!
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