Today we gave test for grade 2 students at general trias for our project in psychological testing... though it was tiring activity to administer a test it was satisfying in the end. I never thought that some of the students would ask for my autograph like a celebrity! as in, were like celebrities when the kids asks our signitures in their booklet. They also ask my partners signiture, Monette.

For me it was wonderful experience though is was tiring, i still want to experience it again. The kids were "makulit'and some were naughty and "pasaway" i like the way they call me "kuya" asking for my help about the test. It was a wonderful experience... and because of that my "father instinct" surface... I mean... suddenly I want to have kids and want to become a father. I really realize it, I want to become a father. Don't you think I would become a good father?

New Year

New Year

watching the dark grey sky
an early nightshade
keeps me solely disturb
only thoughts of you

you want to start all over again
think it work this time
or would it really work?
but don't end it up in regrets

even now, faraway from fun
those things that fade away
a moment of time with you
coming back to me

so frustrated I was
so tired I was
of waiting
on my years

false hope in despair
came witholding in my tears
i'm so scared to be
just to say you, goodbye

one of us thinking
should get sleep
pushing thought of you away
but i can't do it

i don't want to end up this feeling
realize it was all gone
since you went away
a year ago.
Hear yeah! hear yeah! It's already 2005! And for the first post of this year is my poem entitled "New Year" perfect for the new year, but its not all about the new year or new year celebration. It is a poem with a touch of love in frustration. Its about someone you love that went away then comes back to start it all over again and 'think it would work this time but confusion comes along leading you to the point that your confusion brought you if to accept him/her or not and to the point that you're afraid to admit that you're feelings are already gone since he/she went away.
Inspired from Sugababes song, same title "New Year".

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