Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Diary: 2005 Year-ender Blog entry

New Year Diary: 2005 Year-ender Blog entry

It's almost few hours towards new year - 2006. It's almost 12 hours before new year to be exact... and me here writing my last blog entry for 2005. I don't have a Christmas entry as I am really busy aside from the holidays, is finishing my thesis.

Looking back, I'm glad that some of my important new year's resolutions last year have been materialized. Now, I hope that those good that I've started will continue towards next year for me to be a better person. This year one of my important resolution of not holding any firecrackers anymore continues. I've starter this last year because I realized the importance of my hands, whether it's just a "lusis" I really don't hold any in celebrating new year. Back then I realized the importance of my hands... and as a writer I really love my hands... they are my instrument to my skills in writing. I would rather celebrate the new year with a countdown and toast a wine at the strike of 12. Say what you want or call me corny or whatever but for me its better to prevent twice than regret double the times in the end.

I want to give insight regarding new year's resolution... new year's resolution should not only be made every end of the year. Instead, it must be done everyday and keep track of it everyday so you can monitor it if you're really improving especially if it is about taking away the "bad sides" of your personality. Will you wait for the end of the year to change? No... Resolutions can be done everyday as every new day is a new chance to change your self, your way of life... or whatever. Don't wait for that long, start changing today. It would be great to make it in the list your new year’s resolutions. I hope these enlighten everyone about new year's resolutions.

Thank you for those visited my blog and for reading my share of story here. May the new year will be great as 2005 and bring us more prosperity and blessings. Happy New Year everyone!!! Cheers!

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