Saturday, December 03, 2005

Goodbye Ian

Goodbye Ian

Today, I bid farewell to my SPED (Special Education) student "Ian" - we have the same name, because my 50 hours of training is already consumed. We bid farewell to the kids together with my classmates and co-trainees there - Nian, Realyn and Jeff. Ian gave me a ribbon award from their recognition day that made me feel elated with my name he wrote on it - T.ian (means Teacher Ian) I also bid farewell to my afternoon student, Patrick. It was an emotional moving farewell with the kids.

Along with Ian and Patrick, I will also miss Tien, Harvey, Richard and Jherold - who gave me a sweet hug in the morning of my last day there. I gave them a hug before they leave and when they say their traditional saying goodbye to teachers "see you again tomorrow", I told them "see you again someday". They become dear to our hearts and my students to me. I hope that I was able to contribute something towards their development despite of their disabilities. I know that they wouldn't understand me or remember me again someday in the future but I want them to know that I will always pray for them.

What are the things I learned? Patience. This was one of the things I learned. I really have a short temper and in SPED it really tested my patience on the kids… especially when they can’t able to catch up what you’re teaching. You also have to learned to understand them since they are special children. Our principal their gave one of the best insight during our last stay there – that the teacher’s role is more fulfilling in SPED because after all your teaching strategy to a special child and they get to catch up what you’re teaching, you feel you are more effective as a teacher and elated that a kid with a disability learns from you. Finally, you learned to love them as you get close to them.

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