Saturday, November 12, 2005



Earlier in the afternoon, I applied for my on-the-job training for my educational setting at Immaculate Grace Learning Center in Bacoor. I had to admit that I am really nervous before coming to the school because I felt that it was like I am applying for a job. Well, they almost had a similarity, right?

The application turned out ok, the director was kind and accommodating. I joined my ojt there with my other classmates – Realyn, Jeff and Nian on Tuesday, which is the start of my ojt for the educational setting. And this will continue on Thursday as our training there will be twice a week.

And why the title of my blog entry is "application"? Because this sem its time to apply everything I've learned in my university as the following months will be devoted to OJT. Its "application" time of all the things I learned in my course and in my school! So I've got to be equipped and ready! It is really no more classroom learning as this time everything is going to be APPLIED!!!

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