Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet Chile of Mine

Yesterday we've just finished taping our video project for our Rizal course and like our Art Appreciation theater play, it was a rewarding experience.

I enjoyed every single moment of it, which I never thought. I never thought that I'm going enjoy in the company of Aimee and Rea whom is our group mates together with Nagi, Cheng, JP, and Princess. We finish taping the two whole scenes in two (2) hours I think. Can you imagine that... the whole scene for two hours! We even forget to eat launch as we never noticed that we finished in 1 p.m. In the afternoon, we made it edit at a video shop... which cost us 1,500 pesos. But it was worth it for the entire video as it was edited good with background music and scenes. We finished in 6:30 p.m. after editing. I'm so tired but was happy that it ended good.

But as I've said it was a rewarding experience. There is a feeling of relief after finishing the video as if all of our worries for that subject ended. (it is our final requirement for Rizal)

What I won't forget in doing that project is the bloopers we had during the entire taping. It was so funny to look again at the bloopers that were caught on the camera. And to watch it again as the tape role, it was really funny and eye-teary laughing that happened. Even I had bloopers of my own - I was caught chasing butterflies on the video because it was ruining my scene in the tape. What also made it funny is that we included some famous lines from our Art Appreciation play "Liwanag". I'm going to have myself a copy of it.

In the ending of the video we included our bloopers which made the video more comical and funny as "sweet child of mine" song is played as the background. The ending background song was suggested by Aimee and Rea... and I agree with them that song is perfect of the ending bloopers. That is why this is the title of my blog entry today. I just fail to suggest to end the video with our blooper scenes with sounds for 5 or 7 seven seconds then stopped the background music then play it again, then have another seconds of blooper scene with sounds. I think that it's a great idea! It was really a good experience of having projects videotape... ever since highschool its one of the memorable projects to have. In that, I wonder why I did not take Communication Arts in college to enjoy more videotape projects.

Anyway, after seeing the finished video we are all relief and happy that we made an "obra" (masterpiece) like that and we are ready to present it to the class on Wednesday. Since I can't have a copy of real bloopers of our video taping and since I really like those kinds of memories, I write it here on my blog, so I can remember it!

Wait! I remember, I fail to suggest to include in the end of our portrait scene the words - "Yahooo! Tapos na kami!"

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