Monday, August 29, 2005

A Lady at 18 (the video)

A Lady at 18 (the video)

Last saturday I've watched the video f my sis debut... it was almost perfectly polished though there are still some flaws in the vid. But the whole package was fantastic and the vid was great! I'm satisfied with all the vid scene captures. I've watched it again yesterday with my uncle and aunt who are leaving today bound for US. It was always a relief feeling to watched it again and again... Actually I had a last song syndrome after that, the "especially for you" song performed by my friend Jeaness in the intermission no. I kept on singing that song after that... It is a beautiful song, don't you agree w/ me? But another song that strucked me from the vid was "Be My Lady" who was perform by Rizal, another intermission number, he got a beautiful voice (how i wish I also had). I was strucked with the songs beautiful lines of this song...

Be my lady,
Just forget the past
It's time to mend your broken heart
Let no walls divide us now;
Dry up the tears in your eyes,
Nothing to fear about,
I'll give you all that I have

But still its "especially for you" who strucked me hard. It was really a beautiful song to sing.

Looking back from those moments that I saw from the vid... those moments are really once in a lifetime to happen. Recalling it was an exhausting experience but a very rewarding experience in the end. I'm happy that is was staged successfully and it was over... it feels great to reminisce it again. It's tiring but I still prayed it will happen again... it is an unforgetable experience of a lifetime and worth to look back gain and again.

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