Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Moon Fade before the Stars

The Moon Fade before the Stars

I saw your silhoutte in the shadow
In a mere twilight
And trhe mist in heaven cast low
Under the moonlight
The night wind blows
Sounds the requiem of the dark
As the moon white as snow glows
I wandered as adventurer's lark
Then I saw the lovely gloss of your face
Those eyes that could be deceiving
You then reach your hand like swaying lace
And flew me to the sky that is alluring
To the universe I marvel
Near to reach the stars beyond
But emotions stills dwell
I saw Saturn's ring made dust and sand
And we circle around Jupiter
The red nebula, we gaze at
Fantasies in my frustrations behave as healer
Over the grass field we say
The cold night surrounds me
But your deep looks are enough to melt winter snow
or hugs could be better to see
Warmer than the cold night's blow
If sentiments will say would be better
Just only words could ever say
Tender kisses from you never wither
As it all drink all the love and may
Only affection will reign
Your caress never vanish
A pleasure made me insane
All ever finish
Is it only dreams in midnight?
Comes from the veil of moon shine
But all were almost true in my sight
You are only mine
Were so deeply in love in every moment
As the darkness dances with sky
O moon! my hearts sings with ardent
With this youth I can die
I can touch the Milky Way
I can sail through a vast of stars in darkling
I do not need words to say
Just to hear your passerine voice, I'm burning
Of joy, of love, O! more I desire
Foever treasured in my heart
Only sees fantasy of you under the moon
Moments I will remember take part
And when waiting will always be soon
To see you again and meet
Your face, your words, and your eyes
The night falls deep
Light and shine, blow by gale rise
Gone, all painted in my memory and I might
But all was left......
Is only the starry night.
I wrote this on December 28, 2001, that is probably the longest poem I've wrote so far and one of the most beautiful poem I wrote days before the the end of 2001. It was the last poem I wrote before 2002 in which that following year I rest from writing poems. Yep, I rest the following year in creating poems. For one year I stopped writing poems... I don't know maybe to give time my other "business" & for my studies. But in 2003 I resume on writing again.

The poem is about love - particularly a fantasy love or dream love romance of a kind. What makes this poem beautiful is that (though its long) its romance is narrated in full detail using many personifactions and metaphors in romantic flow. Its a cross dream/fantasy love venturing into the celestial bodies of the universe but ending in a confusing flow. Was the dream & fantasy of love is true or its merely a fantasy & dream brought by the moon and gone by the wind?

Read it... and find out the story of dream/fantasy love. You may post comment for your reactions/opinions.

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