Friday, January 28, 2005


Today we gave test for grade 2 students at general trias for our project in psychological testing... though it was tiring activity to administer a test it was satisfying in the end. I never thought that some of the students would ask for my autograph like a celebrity! as in, were like celebrities when the kids asks our signitures in their booklet. They also ask my partners signiture, Monette.

For me it was wonderful experience though is was tiring, i still want to experience it again. The kids were "makulit'and some were naughty and "pasaway" i like the way they call me "kuya" asking for my help about the test. It was a wonderful experience... and because of that my "father instinct" surface... I mean... suddenly I want to have kids and want to become a father. I really realize it, I want to become a father. Don't you think I would become a good father?

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