Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Champions!

The Champions!

Yes, we are the champions... in the recently concluded 23rd SEA Games held in our country, the Philippines won the the overall medal tally with the most medals in the games. Its the first time to happen in the history of SEA (South East Asian) Games! Philippines never did it in last 2 hostings of the event. I bet the whole Filipino athletes were fully motivated by the cheers of the hometown crowd who gave their 100% support and cheers to them. Though, I weren't able to attend the events and just watch the games and ceremonies on tv, I totally supported theFilipino athletes... I even made a support campaign in my forum signitures.

This is a revenge-comeback after Athens 2004 Olympics where we haven't harvest any medal... I hope we continue the feat of champions in the next SEA Games in Thailand. hope this will contunues on future SEA Games and other sports events. May this also serve as a stepping stone for medal harvesting in Beijing 2008 Olympics.

This SEA Games shows not only the abilities of the Filipino atletes but also the culture of Filipinos especially in the opening and closing ceremony of the games - which is colorful and festive. The overall champion shows that Filipinos are truly world-class athletes. We're the real champion! It made me proud to say "Pinoy Ako!" kaya Mabuhay ang manlalarong Filipino!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Goodbye Ian

Goodbye Ian

Today, I bid farewell to my SPED (Special Education) student "Ian" - we have the same name, because my 50 hours of training is already consumed. We bid farewell to the kids together with my classmates and co-trainees there - Nian, Realyn and Jeff. Ian gave me a ribbon award from their recognition day that made me feel elated with my name he wrote on it - T.ian (means Teacher Ian) I also bid farewell to my afternoon student, Patrick. It was an emotional moving farewell with the kids.

Along with Ian and Patrick, I will also miss Tien, Harvey, Richard and Jherold - who gave me a sweet hug in the morning of my last day there. I gave them a hug before they leave and when they say their traditional saying goodbye to teachers "see you again tomorrow", I told them "see you again someday". They become dear to our hearts and my students to me. I hope that I was able to contribute something towards their development despite of their disabilities. I know that they wouldn't understand me or remember me again someday in the future but I want them to know that I will always pray for them.

What are the things I learned? Patience. This was one of the things I learned. I really have a short temper and in SPED it really tested my patience on the kids… especially when they can’t able to catch up what you’re teaching. You also have to learned to understand them since they are special children. Our principal their gave one of the best insight during our last stay there – that the teacher’s role is more fulfilling in SPED because after all your teaching strategy to a special child and they get to catch up what you’re teaching, you feel you are more effective as a teacher and elated that a kid with a disability learns from you. Finally, you learned to love them as you get close to them.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

What A Hectic of Week!

What A Hectic of Week!

My whole week of on-the-job-training (OJT) was hectic!!!
I am really pressured, tired and definitely no time for everything!

My OJT in clinical and educational setting have already started this week and I just finished a complete week of training. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'm at National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong for the clinical setting and every Tuesdays and Thursdays in Immanuel Grace Learning Center at SPED (Special Education) Department for my educational setting. The whole week was really hectic! I mean I almost have no time for everything! Everytime I went home I’m already tired that I badly need a lot of rest and sleep!

In Mandaluyong, for my clinical setting I already met my Clinical Instructor and I already met my first patient. I was assigned in Pavilion 4. It was the forensic section! It means those patients detained there are those with criminal cases! I mean murder, rape, homicide... etc. All the boys (some were from other school and section) in OJT were assigned there. I am always with Jeff who is my buddy there since he is my classmate. First, I am nervous when we, together with my other co-trainees made our first step in the area... since we have to be aware with the patients that were going to deal with and the place where we are. My first patient was cooperative as I gave psychological test on him but he has a poor verbalization because he has a very low-modulated voice. But what I really won't forget in that pavilion is the smell of the place... it was really bad.

In Tuesday, I started my duty in Bacoor for my educational setting. This will continue on Thursday for a total of twice a week. I was assigned in SPED (Special Education) in kids section. I am with my other classmates – Nian, Rea and Jeff in that OJT. The kids were lovable especially "Ian", the kid assigned for me to teach. In the afternoon, the kid assigned to me was Patrick who really has his "own world." They are both autistic. The kids were good and kind and tolerable in their tantrums... I think they started to become dear to me that I think that in my last day of OJT there will be an emotional exit.

After a week of tire, pressure, weariness... I still have energy to live up against those tides and with all my strength I say "I survived."

Monday, November 14, 2005

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa

My start on-the-job training is tomorrow! And it is tomorrow for clinical duty at the mental hospital! I'm really nervous! It's my first day of training, but I hope it will turn out to be an "ok" day tomorrow.

I'm really nervous! And it's going to be tomorrow!!! I've been looking forward for this training to come. I'm nervous but I am also thrilled and excited to what is going to happen and new experiences that I'm going to gain. And now it's about time… It's about time to apply everything I've learned in my school to the field training that I'm going to work with. It is my real moment! This is it! Ito na talaga ang tunay na teleserye ng buhay ko!

Anorexia Nervosa? Well, I think I'm really going to have it if this nervousness but with feelings of thrill and excitement will continue to strike me. So, wish me luck for my start of ojt tomorrow... before I'm going to be diagnose with this either-refuse-nor-not-to-eat-disorder!

Saturday, November 12, 2005



Earlier in the afternoon, I applied for my on-the-job training for my educational setting at Immaculate Grace Learning Center in Bacoor. I had to admit that I am really nervous before coming to the school because I felt that it was like I am applying for a job. Well, they almost had a similarity, right?

The application turned out ok, the director was kind and accommodating. I joined my ojt there with my other classmates – Realyn, Jeff and Nian on Tuesday, which is the start of my ojt for the educational setting. And this will continue on Thursday as our training there will be twice a week.

And why the title of my blog entry is "application"? Because this sem its time to apply everything I've learned in my university as the following months will be devoted to OJT. Its "application" time of all the things I learned in my course and in my school! So I've got to be equipped and ready! It is really no more classroom learning as this time everything is going to be APPLIED!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet Chile of Mine

Yesterday we've just finished taping our video project for our Rizal course and like our Art Appreciation theater play, it was a rewarding experience.

I enjoyed every single moment of it, which I never thought. I never thought that I'm going enjoy in the company of Aimee and Rea whom is our group mates together with Nagi, Cheng, JP, and Princess. We finish taping the two whole scenes in two (2) hours I think. Can you imagine that... the whole scene for two hours! We even forget to eat launch as we never noticed that we finished in 1 p.m. In the afternoon, we made it edit at a video shop... which cost us 1,500 pesos. But it was worth it for the entire video as it was edited good with background music and scenes. We finished in 6:30 p.m. after editing. I'm so tired but was happy that it ended good.

But as I've said it was a rewarding experience. There is a feeling of relief after finishing the video as if all of our worries for that subject ended. (it is our final requirement for Rizal)

What I won't forget in doing that project is the bloopers we had during the entire taping. It was so funny to look again at the bloopers that were caught on the camera. And to watch it again as the tape role, it was really funny and eye-teary laughing that happened. Even I had bloopers of my own - I was caught chasing butterflies on the video because it was ruining my scene in the tape. What also made it funny is that we included some famous lines from our Art Appreciation play "Liwanag". I'm going to have myself a copy of it.

In the ending of the video we included our bloopers which made the video more comical and funny as "sweet child of mine" song is played as the background. The ending background song was suggested by Aimee and Rea... and I agree with them that song is perfect of the ending bloopers. That is why this is the title of my blog entry today. I just fail to suggest to end the video with our blooper scenes with sounds for 5 or 7 seven seconds then stopped the background music then play it again, then have another seconds of blooper scene with sounds. I think that it's a great idea! It was really a good experience of having projects videotape... ever since highschool its one of the memorable projects to have. In that, I wonder why I did not take Communication Arts in college to enjoy more videotape projects.

Anyway, after seeing the finished video we are all relief and happy that we made an "obra" (masterpiece) like that and we are ready to present it to the class on Wednesday. Since I can't have a copy of real bloopers of our video taping and since I really like those kinds of memories, I write it here on my blog, so I can remember it!

Wait! I remember, I fail to suggest to include in the end of our portrait scene the words - "Yahooo! Tapos na kami!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lara... you're my hero

Lara... you're my hero

Hurray! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Last night, Philippines won the Miss International 2005 in Tokyo, Japan represented by Precious Lara Quigaman! Lara becomes the fourth Miss International of our country! Hooray! After 26 years I think, the Philippines wins again the title at last... an international title for the country.

It makes me more proud of being a Filipino... and a new source of inspiration, pride and honor is created for fellow Pinoys. I thought I'm going to die without seeing a Filipina waving in the crowd of international competition and being crowned in an international beauty pageant. I'm really happy! And also for my country! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! But I also hope that Pinoys in Olympics will follow in triumph in 2008.

How wonderful it is to be in the center of the international arena... heralding the sash of Philippines... the name of the Philippines. This just proved that Filipino charm, grace, beauty and talent are truly a world class. I'm happy because despite of political and economical turmoil in our country, there is still a source of pride and honor.. a hero in hard times... that there's still a lighter side in our country.

Lara's feat victory just proves that Philippines is really a beauty pageant powerhouse.

Thank you Lara... for honor and pride. May you have wonderful reign as Miss International! Mabuhay ka!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Jasmine Trias...Live!

Jasmine Trias...Live!

Last Saturday, I accidentally, I mean not planned to go to SM Bacoor (mall). I went out with my friend who immediately needed to change her contact lens at the mall and needed someone to be with her. Well, at first I want to go because I have "school businesses" to finish, but it was worth it. I know Jasmine Trias is here in the country but I never thought that Jasmine Trias would have an album tour there at the mall. As we stroll around, the crowd crowded to the activity center... and it was Jasmine Trias who is performing live!

I joined with the crowd to get a glimpse of jasmine… she's one of my favorite singers. She performed first her first song with MTV, "Lose Control", a r n' b-dance music. I cannot recall the other songs she performed but her voice was really beautiful. Imagined! She performed live, and I never heard her voice singing live like that!

Later, I saw the autograph signing. The line was really long and people are patiently waiting to get an autographed album and poster of Jasmine, plus to have pictures with her. I want to have an album of jasmine but I had I can’t buy it because I did not planned to buy it in my budget so I was there envying others (T.T) to have a signature album of Jasmine. It was her debut album. I went near the stage… she was a doll-face, natural beauty, short but has a friendly, warm bubbling personality. I know someday I will have an autograph album of Jasmine… time will come. In live performance, she really had a great voice so I don’t know why she didn’t become the American Idol winner but for me, Jasmine is the real Pinoy Idol!

Monday, August 29, 2005

A Lady at 18 (the video)

A Lady at 18 (the video)

Last saturday I've watched the video f my sis debut... it was almost perfectly polished though there are still some flaws in the vid. But the whole package was fantastic and the vid was great! I'm satisfied with all the vid scene captures. I've watched it again yesterday with my uncle and aunt who are leaving today bound for US. It was always a relief feeling to watched it again and again... Actually I had a last song syndrome after that, the "especially for you" song performed by my friend Jeaness in the intermission no. I kept on singing that song after that... It is a beautiful song, don't you agree w/ me? But another song that strucked me from the vid was "Be My Lady" who was perform by Rizal, another intermission number, he got a beautiful voice (how i wish I also had). I was strucked with the songs beautiful lines of this song...

Be my lady,
Just forget the past
It's time to mend your broken heart
Let no walls divide us now;
Dry up the tears in your eyes,
Nothing to fear about,
I'll give you all that I have

But still its "especially for you" who strucked me hard. It was really a beautiful song to sing.

Looking back from those moments that I saw from the vid... those moments are really once in a lifetime to happen. Recalling it was an exhausting experience but a very rewarding experience in the end. I'm happy that is was staged successfully and it was over... it feels great to reminisce it again. It's tiring but I still prayed it will happen again... it is an unforgetable experience of a lifetime and worth to look back gain and again.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Lady at 18

A lady at 18

Last night we successfully staged the debut of my sis Ria at Boom City Restaurant. I was a very exhausting activity but in the end it was very rewarding to relieve again the spectacular event. Especially in my part as I am in charge of the programs that night. I was busy in the whole night affair that I can't even finished my dinner! (I wasn’t able to eat my fruit deserts too!) I was really busy in line-up of the programs – I was walking back and forth to the stage to cue the hosts and then the music to the DJ. And before the ceremony start I was also in the reception table, receiving the participants coming as the usherettes wasn’t there yet to attend the guests.

My sis really turn 18 last July 14 but due to the request of my relatives from US, we scheduled it in August 20 (and since they also gave sponsors in the debut we grant this far date) "A Lady at 18" was the title of her debut... I was the one who made it. I also made the program of the party with help of my mom and my friends. I also made the beautifully crafted invitation of my sis. I was happy to see this creation of mine, I described it elegant, minimalistic but simply beautiful - this was my "sponsor contribution" to her party since my mom cannot handle all the expenses for the party. (Actually it took me a long time before I finished a complete product of the invitation). I also put my name at the back of the invitation cover to know that I was the one who made it (a big credit for me hehehe…), advertise my e-mail add and phone no. hoping that future customers will be interested.

The whole night was spectacular! I was so relief and happy after the party ended (our two month preparations - at last ended!) There was a disco after that, playing the tunes of my favorite disco songs (I moved my body to the beat!) I would like to thank my friends - Arthur and Jeaness - for lending their creative talent in hosting the event (they were the masters of ceremony!), April and Ariane (who willingly participate in the 18 treasures) and Katuy - for attending the event. That night was successfully staged and I'm happy with it. It was so memorable as it was the first time I hold that kind of event that seems to be once in a lifetime to happen. It was an event deserve to be look back in time...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Red Wine

Red Wine

It taste so sweet
The glass is perfectly shape
You cannot resist its bittersweet
The bright red its shade

I shared a glass with you
A glass with red wine
On the soft bed with you
Your lips is all over mine like vine

The nwe kiss and kiss
I imagine your lovely face
Isn't it bliss?
You lean over me to me without gaze

The love overflows
Like the glass spilling with wine
As your body moves over so close
Lean over your bare chest in twine

After tonight
Will you remember and love me
Every kiss from your sweet lips all night
Feels like a feeling this is meanty to be

On the bed you're like breathless
You drink a glass of red wine
Fir it takes emotion or emptiness
Taste it, the the lush of red wine.
Its been a long time since my last post... I think it was last March or February of this year... -whew- what a long time! Well, I got busy with my school projects and my pc broke down so I dont' have time to update. Anyway, since my last post is way months ago... here's my new post of poem, which I wrote in March 24, 2000 with a time at 6:30p.m. (wow very detailed! - actually it was really written in my original journal of poems that I wrote, maybe because to remeberwhat time I wrote it). I dont't really know why wrote about red wine... maybe I just got fancy of it and associated it with romance. Actually, I had imaginations associated with red wine as a tool for sensual or even a sexual feeling. I admit that some of my lines need polishing, but what I post here is the poem I wrote as it is. The poem was a bit sensual and has sex innuendos in its content. Enjoy reading!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Moon Fade before the Stars

The Moon Fade before the Stars

I saw your silhoutte in the shadow
In a mere twilight
And trhe mist in heaven cast low
Under the moonlight
The night wind blows
Sounds the requiem of the dark
As the moon white as snow glows
I wandered as adventurer's lark
Then I saw the lovely gloss of your face
Those eyes that could be deceiving
You then reach your hand like swaying lace
And flew me to the sky that is alluring
To the universe I marvel
Near to reach the stars beyond
But emotions stills dwell
I saw Saturn's ring made dust and sand
And we circle around Jupiter
The red nebula, we gaze at
Fantasies in my frustrations behave as healer
Over the grass field we say
The cold night surrounds me
But your deep looks are enough to melt winter snow
or hugs could be better to see
Warmer than the cold night's blow
If sentiments will say would be better
Just only words could ever say
Tender kisses from you never wither
As it all drink all the love and may
Only affection will reign
Your caress never vanish
A pleasure made me insane
All ever finish
Is it only dreams in midnight?
Comes from the veil of moon shine
But all were almost true in my sight
You are only mine
Were so deeply in love in every moment
As the darkness dances with sky
O moon! my hearts sings with ardent
With this youth I can die
I can touch the Milky Way
I can sail through a vast of stars in darkling
I do not need words to say
Just to hear your passerine voice, I'm burning
Of joy, of love, O! more I desire
Foever treasured in my heart
Only sees fantasy of you under the moon
Moments I will remember take part
And when waiting will always be soon
To see you again and meet
Your face, your words, and your eyes
The night falls deep
Light and shine, blow by gale rise
Gone, all painted in my memory and I might
But all was left......
Is only the starry night.
I wrote this on December 28, 2001, that is probably the longest poem I've wrote so far and one of the most beautiful poem I wrote days before the the end of 2001. It was the last poem I wrote before 2002 in which that following year I rest from writing poems. Yep, I rest the following year in creating poems. For one year I stopped writing poems... I don't know maybe to give time my other "business" & for my studies. But in 2003 I resume on writing again.

The poem is about love - particularly a fantasy love or dream love romance of a kind. What makes this poem beautiful is that (though its long) its romance is narrated in full detail using many personifactions and metaphors in romantic flow. Its a cross dream/fantasy love venturing into the celestial bodies of the universe but ending in a confusing flow. Was the dream & fantasy of love is true or its merely a fantasy & dream brought by the moon and gone by the wind?

Read it... and find out the story of dream/fantasy love. You may post comment for your reactions/opinions.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Today we gave test for grade 2 students at general trias for our project in psychological testing... though it was tiring activity to administer a test it was satisfying in the end. I never thought that some of the students would ask for my autograph like a celebrity! as in, were like celebrities when the kids asks our signitures in their booklet. They also ask my partners signiture, Monette.

For me it was wonderful experience though is was tiring, i still want to experience it again. The kids were "makulit'and some were naughty and "pasaway" i like the way they call me "kuya" asking for my help about the test. It was a wonderful experience... and because of that my "father instinct" surface... I mean... suddenly I want to have kids and want to become a father. I really realize it, I want to become a father. Don't you think I would become a good father?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year

New Year

watching the dark grey sky
an early nightshade
keeps me solely disturb
only thoughts of you

you want to start all over again
think it work this time
or would it really work?
but don't end it up in regrets

even now, faraway from fun
those things that fade away
a moment of time with you
coming back to me

so frustrated I was
so tired I was
of waiting
on my years

false hope in despair
came witholding in my tears
i'm so scared to be
just to say you, goodbye

one of us thinking
should get sleep
pushing thought of you away
but i can't do it

i don't want to end up this feeling
realize it was all gone
since you went away
a year ago.
Hear yeah! hear yeah! It's already 2005! And for the first post of this year is my poem entitled "New Year" perfect for the new year, but its not all about the new year or new year celebration. It is a poem with a touch of love in frustration. Its about someone you love that went away then comes back to start it all over again and 'think it would work this time but confusion comes along leading you to the point that your confusion brought you if to accept him/her or not and to the point that you're afraid to admit that you're feelings are already gone since he/she went away.
Inspired from Sugababes song, same title "New Year".
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