Tuesday, December 28, 2004



I watch the day end
See after the day long
People made the world proud of
Events that rattle the world

I see myself in despair
But I erased it in my mind
I have to be brave
Fame is what I need

Time goes by
But I stand still
So for eternity
The meant I destined to be

I stepped thgrough time
For a limitless at all times
This is my desdtiny because ...
I am forever.
This poem is supposed to be more polished... I want a more polished version of this poem bcoz I feel that it is nonsense and more ideas could add up here. Timely written few days before New Year, I really wanted to this as a stand that I myself is "forever" even as the year ends, no matter what happens and time passes by.
As 2005 approaches, this could be my last post for this year , the next would be next year! New Year wishes? Of course to be more mature person and Christ-centered life and faith (I hope so...) and of course another prosperous year of 2005, more get together with friends and family, triumph in my studies and a lot more. New Year's resolution... a lot... maybe again to be a more mature person like my resolution last year and change some "dislikes" in my personality (I hope so...)
2004 is a fantastic year, I have a lot of things accomplish, speaking of accomplishments - my documentation of Athens 2004 Olympics is already been bookbind, I hope my fan fiction of Sailor Moon would be finished soon before the end this year. There are so many things happened and so many things also changed. But I'm thankful that everything goes well & smooth this year (though there are hardtimes w/c is never without) I had a fantastic year of 2004 and 'hope in 2005 I had another fantastic year. Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Special Kind of Love

Special Kind of Love

I never had this feeling inside
Last long and never died
I know I never thought
This is the one I sought

Taking my breath away is the feeling
In a world of silver lining
With you, their and my friends
A lovely day as it ends

Happiness never surpass that I felt
In my heart was an eternal wealth
The laughter we share there is always
As all of us has own special ways

Full of life at all
Even I fall
Together we sail the life
As if no more night

The world we all belong
Like melody and sound to a song
A part of life as miracle
As I live in this forever circle.
From the title itself you would thought this as a love poem but its all about friendship... and its one of the most important things in this world. I wrote this last December 26, 2001 with inspirations from friendship with my friends and best memories with them. Friendship with my friends is one of the best gift I've received this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Echoes of Caressing Cry

Echoes of Caressing Cry

A river of emotion within me flows
A burst of affection slowly grows
While I ponder
Dreamy in a wonder

My thoughts were in delight
But in my heart, there is firelight
Its warm is conquering my body in uproar
A warm I never felt before

Though I deny
Blue-sky is in my eye
Felicity is swimming in my vein
And bliss to this feelings play in my brain

I conceal it every bit
Hide it
But its voice reaches my surface
To see this through my face

I try to cover this emotion
So, I cast it away in my notion
Yet, it whispers in my ear
Conveying a voluptuous music from balladeer

I thought it would sweep
If I had one sleep
But I was wrong in haste
For even sleep I cannot taste

In every move, I can feel the passion
The strong feeling runs in my blood and wants my submission
It succumbs my whole being
Now, I cannot resist it anymore this feeling

Though I bury it
Though I conceal it
I cannot conquer it anymore
This feeling puts me in torment more and more

I close my eyes
In the silence of my heart and mind it unties
There is a cry
A cry burdens my heart and mind to be crucify

I cannot subdue it anymore
It’s you my heart cries for more
But who will knew it out of blue?
When is every act I do there is no echo that I love you.
Christmas is coming soon, have you already bought your gifts and made a shopping spree? Well, its been a long time since my last post, well here is poem that I'm surely everyone would love... its about secret love or courting someone loved... you decide. I wrote this poem last December 1, 2003, I hope you like. Merry Christmas!

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