Saturday, November 20, 2004



Leave me alone
I don't want to moan
To feel it again to myself
Self-destruct? I didn't wish that
I defy that in my way
Away, from all torment and quarrels

Not even milestone in life
All failed, for it is suffering sharp
Once to feel it will never gone
Not quick...................
Emotions sadden and stress
Had not all released from
Deep imprint in mine

Impossible to resist
As grief start to undercover
In this situation
Vibrations are break circuit
Torn apart inside of me
Sharp and sudden it is
But still it painfully affecting the feeling
in blue..................
Poignant is about painful feelings kept inside that hurt affects your whole personality. Though you want it to be lost, in blue, the pain isn't fading away. I wrote it last February 8, 2001. Comments and reactions are welcomed.

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Graveyard

The Graveyard

I find solace among the stones
Where silence is shattering
Where wind is whispering
And all were cold

I find solitude among the stones
And there are withered leaves brushes more
And wall that were cold
Reveals the still loneliness is bold

I find courage among the stones
Where fear is gone
Which mold me stronger in time
Now my thoughts are sublime

I find bliss among the stones
There is no gloomy day
They never speak secrets I conceal
And speak only laughter to send my cries away

I find comfort among the tones
Amidst in seclusion and loneliness, I never felt sorrow
I never felt agony anymore
The pain that tore upon me were no more

I find silence among the stones
In their silence there is no rejection
In their silence they ease my disturb emotion
In their silence they console me

I find death among the stones
For there is silence in their cold
Taking away all my pain and suffering
And all were cold.
It's been a long while since my last post... a lot things happen. First, sem break arrived so I got a lot of relax and rest. Then I became no. 1 again in my history subject... for the second time I retain and consistent topnotcher in history subject. I'm so happy coz I thought I'm not gonna make it but everything turn out well, I'm so happy. Time passes by then sembreak was over... second sem arrived, about my olympic documentary it is about to be finish. I'm just finishing the last papers and hope soon this week I may able to book-bind it. Well, school started again and Halloween was over... so new adjustment has to happen. About "The Graveyard" I wrote this in Noverber 3, 2003, perfect theme for this month's first post. Read it closely if the speaker is someone who is lonely, a ghost or dead... you decide.
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