Monday, September 27, 2004



A simple touch
That I can't hide in a pouch
I feel the soft hands
Touch my hand, my soft hand

A simple touch
Let my heart feel felicity
Burn my feelings in pleasure
Release my burden, I felt for sure

A simple touch
Gives a great meaning to me
We meant to be, I feel
In my mind and heart no one can peel

A simple touch
Made me mad thinking of you
Remember, you come to me to touch
Touch me, as I feel lying with you in a couch
One of my inspired poems created last March 27, 2000.

Sunday, September 26, 2004



I am flashing, shining
Glittering star in the sky I belong
No one can reach me for so long
For I am brighter than the sun's lining

The world is where fame
I'm stardom to be lively
And brilliant and not lame
A precious gem so lovely

Shine, gleam and glisten as jewels
As I'm higher than the rest
But God is powerful than the pest
Myself is vivacity deep as wells

Having a vivid personality I see my sight
Appealing and shinning star
Star that not stop at the gate of Ishtar
Symbolizing the diamonds I might.
Actually, I intend to post this poem on the 22nd of this month because to this was created in September 22, 2000...more than four years ago, but due to our conflict in my script in our project for Art Appreciation I wasn't able to post it. Anyway, about the poem... this is self-theme poem but I'm not looking at myself as a "star" I just want to "sparkle" on everyone... I know each of us want to be a star but not all of us can be a star but to sparkle we can.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Red Lips

Red Lips

I don't know how we met
But now were companion
You always play clown to me
An amusing jester to be

As time pass by
Only see your remarkable face
To your red lips
That gives me joy, only your charming lips

From that moment
I always want to see you
And longing want to be with you
So I desire to follow you

I hunger for your kiss
To your red lips, in bliss
Perfectly shape and smooth
Overflowing with sweetness and emotion

All night I dream of you
A dream with you
Only for you my heart beats
Your name it utters

Then we met again
I can't resist your red lips
It hungers me for the sweetest kiss
So I pulled you to kiss

And drink all of you
Closing my eyes to feel you
The smoothness of your soft lips
The hot and sweetness it bestows

I'm here with you
Staring at your red lips
Once I've kissed but I'm longing for another
Another one, from your red lips
One of my fave poems of all time created in March 15, 2000... its about discovering how sweet it is to kiss especially to kiss red lips... oh those are one of my romantic fantasies.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004



Starring at the glasses
Only thinking of you
Seeing many kinds of glasses
But I only see faces of you

First we saw each other
You left and forget your glasses to me
I thought you didn't bother
The glasses that I kept inside of me

I always pictured you in my mind
Always dreaming of you
Cause I have feelings for you behind
That I want to say like hue

I wait until we meet again
I'm filled with joy and excitement
When we became friends and release all my pain
That time is an unforgettable moment

And now, I'm here starring
In glasses that glimpse and glitter
Thinking of you and meaning
You are mine forever.

Written in March 4, 2000 at 8:50p.m.
Well, my Olympics mania is over... now I'm completing my documentary about it and I hope to finish it soon. Here we go again in posting my poems... hope you like it.
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