Monday, October 18, 2004

For Life

for Life

It's great to have a wonderful life
Freedom and bliss oneself
Free to fly on the blue sky
Outcast none in the society

You can run on the meadows
No dictation to what you are doing
Ravel never be the same again
Just taste the life given to all

Serene and tranquil
With melody, harmony and image I have
Look at silver lining and I’m filled within
Calmness I felt not quarrelsome

Now I wake in verity
And feel the quench and zest of life
Vivid, colorful and lively life is
For life is for everybody, anybody, everyone, anyone, somebody and someone.
Everybody should be happy! bec. school is over for meantime... its already semestral break and all I can think about is to have have fun everyday! I want to do all eveything! Well, this is my first poem for the month of October which is a late posting bec. of final requirements in my school. This was written last December 27, 2000 aproaching to new year. This month I'll might be busy doing the other jobs that I left during school sem and hope to finish it before sem break is over. For the mean time I'm going to relax and have fun. Enjoy reading!

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