Sunday, October 03, 2004

Creation Story

Creation Story

Yesterday we finally presented our theatrical play for Art Appreciation subject but the blog might date this as Oct. 2 late for one day (they might be using the US time) After late night practices and 2 am sleeping we finally end it and guess what we won the 3rd place for the play!
Maybe you would be wondering why the title is "Creation Story" well, I am the one who created the story for our play entitled "Jaws of the Night" but conflicts started in the script... everyone has their own versions of the script. I also had conflicts with this group play leaders but I took the initiative to be not aloof with them and finally settle the problem bec. I want everything to be ok before we present my story on Saturday... I don't want to be aloof and watch them doing my story. And finally its was entitled "Liwanag" for a more Filipino flavor theme.

Now the problem was settled let me chronicle to you what happened 2 days before the play and fun memories during our last practices...

Day 1, Thursday, September 30
This was the first time I joined them with the practice now in Tanghalan since I became aloof with them starting Monday when we have a conlict on script in Saturday. It was stressful and fun. I'm helping them directing on the stage when they perform as our direct were on the backseats directing. There are still so many things and sets need to be polished. We ended the practice at 8pm... the school around was dark! were the only ones left, Worrying if there are still buses going home I joined with Aimee and Rea my classmates who are going to the same way to our town so I got company. Aimee left us in Bacoor bec. she was residing there and I'm left with Rea who resides in Noveleta. I finally got home and tired at 10pm.

Day2, Friday, October 1
Last day of our practice in Brothers House Residence... we were there at 3pm but our director is still in Indang so we wait longer. While waiting, Nagi decided to make funshots of her from her cell camera. I was taking the picture while Nagi was enjoying to pose like a model. I enjoy taking shots bec. we were doing nothing in the practice I'm bored there. We had our practice in 6 p.m. 'til nine p.m. That was really my late stay stay in the campus everything was really dark but we manage to practice and I came home at 11p.m. So tired...

Day 3, Saturday October 2
The day of presentation
Well we wake up early because the start of the presentation is 8 am... well, I'm nervous and because of that I wasn't able to eat a launch, my nerves under my calfs were also shaking. We had our general practice with the props and ligths. Then the start of the presentation... actually we were the last presenter of the pla.. were the 6th. The pressure was really on the backstage because I was there and I am assigned as the floor director. Our director, production staff and lights were in the lighting section, we were just communicating through the communicator ( a device like the telephone operators used) I felf "Wow!!!!", it was amazing its like I'm a real diractor on a stage play. But back with the pressure in the backstage, the play turned out good and superb. The backround sounds were superd and the artist acts were best level performance, although we make some mistakes in the execution of changing props causing quite long airgaps in the entire play. But everything turned out just fine. After the show everybody was happy in the backstage and hugging. I went to the ligthsbooth to see other major staffs... everyone was greeting for the success of the play. I hug Sheila (our director) for the success of the play.
Now in the awarding ceremony... I was thankful already for the successful staging of the play but much blessing came when we were announced as the 3rd placer in the event. I was so happy coming up in the stage with Rizza ( who played 'Serpentia' one of the main characters in the play) to get our trophy, the PSY crowd went in cheers and shouts as I looked at them from the staged. I waved the trophy just what like an Olympic gold winner does in awarding ceremony... I felt I am an Olympic winner!
Right now.. I still have a hang over of our play. I'm so happy. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all of the staff... from the artists, props, lights to documentation staff for the success of the play. Thank you PSY32 because of ur cooperation and work my story comes alive. For writers like me it doesn't matter to win or nor, to have credit or not but to stage a masterpiece that I created is so much meaning to me. Thank you especially to the artist becuase I never thought those characters that are only in my imagination will come alive through your cooperation... especially to my favorite characters... Nikita, Lionica and Serpentia whom I expected a beast level preformance... thank you because of you they have come alive. Thank you very much.
You know I'll never forget this... I will really never forget this, though there are so much pressure I would still wish to make this event happen again. Maraming salamat.

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