Wednesday, September 08, 2004



Starring at the glasses
Only thinking of you
Seeing many kinds of glasses
But I only see faces of you

First we saw each other
You left and forget your glasses to me
I thought you didn't bother
The glasses that I kept inside of me

I always pictured you in my mind
Always dreaming of you
Cause I have feelings for you behind
That I want to say like hue

I wait until we meet again
I'm filled with joy and excitement
When we became friends and release all my pain
That time is an unforgettable moment

And now, I'm here starring
In glasses that glimpse and glitter
Thinking of you and meaning
You are mine forever.

Written in March 4, 2000 at 8:50p.m.
Well, my Olympics mania is over... now I'm completing my documentary about it and I hope to finish it soon. Here we go again in posting my poems... hope you like it.

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