Sunday, September 26, 2004



I am flashing, shining
Glittering star in the sky I belong
No one can reach me for so long
For I am brighter than the sun's lining

The world is where fame
I'm stardom to be lively
And brilliant and not lame
A precious gem so lovely

Shine, gleam and glisten as jewels
As I'm higher than the rest
But God is powerful than the pest
Myself is vivacity deep as wells

Having a vivid personality I see my sight
Appealing and shinning star
Star that not stop at the gate of Ishtar
Symbolizing the diamonds I might.
Actually, I intend to post this poem on the 22nd of this month because to this was created in September 22, 2000...more than four years ago, but due to our conflict in my script in our project for Art Appreciation I wasn't able to post it. Anyway, about the poem... this is self-theme poem but I'm not looking at myself as a "star" I just want to "sparkle" on everyone... I know each of us want to be a star but not all of us can be a star but to sparkle we can.

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