Sunday, August 29, 2004


"Selfish" is the episode of this blog. Why? Here...

The team Philippines finally ended its quest for the medals in Athens games. Our taekwondo jins failed to win the any medals in the last days of the game. We had a good fight with Donald Geisler and Toni Rivero but I felt we've been "cheated" in the fight. A lot of kicks was thrown to the opponent but it didn't count a score especially the fight of Rivero to a Greek favored by the hometown crowd. Toni Rivero mede her fall the Greek to her kness 2 times by throwing her out of the court and there was no deduction of points to the Greek! A lot of kicks by Rivero were thrown but can you imagine the result was 1-2. Rivero's game was third bout a semifinal for the gold match and it lost. She went to bag the bronze but lost to a Korean jin. Geisler was given a chance for the bronze after a lost in the first bout which is a miracle but he was injured in the his 2nd fight and rushed him to the hospital, so the Tunisian opponent won. And after these fights I felt "cheated". Cheated to not win... I felf they're "selfish" because they didn't let Philippines to bag a medal even a bronze they didn't allow us to have... they don't want to share a medal, I felt we're been deprived to win a medal... I felt they're selfish...

In the women's volleyball finals, Russia was defeated by the surprising in of China for the gold medal. I can't believe Russia lost in 5 set event that I think the best fight I ever saw. It was heart-wrenching, thrilling and energy-filled. I saw Ekaterina Gamova, the star of the Russian team and my fave player broke to tears when they lost (I also want to broke in tears, too). You know why? I think they've been waiting for this event for Cuba not to enter the finals bec. Cuba is their long been rival for the gold since Sydney 2000. And their came empowered China and stole they're dream. I think she also cried bec. of frustration and maybe is she going to retire and she want to taste the gold before she left the team. But I hope she won't retire... she still young and who know's after 4 years in Beijing they won! They've also been deprived to win for their long gold dream... selfish.

I also recently knew that Cuba beat Brazil, the team famed Leila Barros and Ericka Coimbra for the bronze medal which the Brazilians won in 2000. Too bad they didn't able to defend their medal... selfish. My fave Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina was going to retire this year and this is going to be her last Olympic stint... too bad she didn't won gold but at least a silver. She was hoping for a gold for the last time but failed... selfish.

US after beaten surprisingly by Argentina for the finals beat Lithuania for the bronze... too bad the Lithuanians also didn't able to depend their bronze last 4 years. And I've also noticed NBN4 is biased in feed about basketball event they just show events where US is in fight!

After the team Philippines stint in Olypics, I really felt "selfish" Maybe were really not meant to win this time. I think another four years for more practice of our athletes... I believe there is time for eveything like the Chile and Dominican Republic to win their first gold this time, I believe our time also will come... we'll see in Beijing.

My next post will be the last updates in Olympics.

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