Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Last updates in Olympics

last updates in Olympics...

Too bad I wasn't able to watch the whole closing ceremony of Olympics. I've only watch a middle part and I wasn't able to finish it because My favorite show in the other channel was showing at the same time. Too bad it was the reply and I wan't able to watch, the original live fed was about 3 in the morning - how I can watch it when it is the wee hours for sleeping.

Anyway the show was great ans fastatstic as the opening ceremony. There Greek presentation and Eros again was in the show. After few speeches, a video from large screen was shown. It show the people of Beijing welcoming the Olympics. Beijing will be the next Olympic host in 2008. After that a lot of Chinese presentation followed and eveything was in Chinese!!! The backround light was jive with the presentations as it rays a bright red color, the color of China. Then the handling of the Olympic flag followed with a thurderous cheers from the crowd. The lighting out of the torch was somewhat emotional for Greece, a child came and get light from it and lit the lights of the Chinese children ( a turn over for Beijing). Then she walk away then she turn back, she said, "I will see you again" and blow an air and the fire from the towering torch died out. It was amazing! Greek star singers followed after as the athletes were happy and dancing in the celebration. And that was the last thing I saw.

I've read from the newspaper today that Alina Kabaeva of Russia won the gold, she was a bronze medallists in 2000. The bidding for the 2012 Olympics also opened and one of the candidate city is Moscow. I hope Moscow will win the bid to host the 2012 games. It would be a great Olympics because the Russians will now rule the game. Anyway the host city for 2012 will be chosen next year... 2005 of July... that is quite long to wait for.

I've also started to complete my compilation for Athens 2004... I think I've already made 30 plus page.

Team Philippines ended in Athens empty-handed for the 2nd time but they made improvements unlike in Sydney 2000 it is far from mediocre. The Filipina athletes shines like Jasmin to place 27th in Archery and Toni Rivero almost to the medals place. Well, another 4 years of waiting for Beijing, they have to train and prepare more for the next Olympics. We improve and who knows we may bag the elusive gold medal in Beijing. Maybe were really not meant to win this time but I still believe that our time will come... who knows in Beijing 2008!

Athens 2004 Olympics was a great sports event and celebration of humanity. The triumphs... the excitement... the struggles... everything was fantastic. So I hope that four years from now I will see another great spectacle from Beijing. That time I will be 23 years old but I will wait for this another great sports celebration that is my all-time favorite. See you in Beijing 2008!

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