Thursday, August 26, 2004


Last day, I've watched an exciting women's volleyball quarterfinal match of Russia against Korea in Athens 2004 games. I hate NBN4 they've just shown the women's volleyball event only in its quartelfinal event! I finally saw my favorite team Russia... of course the Russian team in volleyball won in straight sets over the Koreans in the match. They are the superpower in women's volleyball along with Cuba and Brazil.

I also finally saw my favorite Russian player Ekaterina Gamova, who is the tallest among the group and contrasting to her height becuase she is the yougest of them. I've also notice that there are new players in the team... I don't know some of them, the names of Godina and others were not there already as those were the players I know when they played here in Manila several years ago for Grand Prix. Gamova was the star of that game as her spikes can't escape the opponents in the court. She was also known for her trademark that when she is the blocker the ball will bounce back again to the opponents' court... maybe becuase of her height... I think she is 7ft. Well, team Russia is way to go for the gold... Go Russia!!!

Today, I've watched the duets syncronised swimming and that was a great event show! Russia prove again its superiority in this event as they won the event duplicating the feat they did in Sydney 2000. Russia is simple in performance but their moves syncronised to the sound of the music made them won with an almost perfect score of 99. something. Japan came second and proven again that it's woth in the event. They also have a unique presentation... jumping to the pool in a kung fu style! Third was USA which I beleive they don's deserve becuase the players were pirated from the Russian team. USA is really trying hard! They pirated from the former Russian team to have an entrant in the event. I also think that they're not deserving becuase others were more superd than their presentation like France, Greece, Ukraine and Switzerland to mention. Unfortunately, the duet France failed to defent their bronze title in Sydney which eventually went to pirated USA! Anyway, I'm looking forward to see the team event and see if Russia conquers again.

I felt frustrated and disappointed in the evening when I watched taekwondo bet of Philippines Tshomlee Go lost in his first bout with Spain with only one point lead, can you imagine???. I am really frustrated and disappointed because he didn't win... his is our lasts hopes for the medals. Oh, I hope the other jins will win in their bout in Saturday. This is another "fading stars" for the team Philippines... I am really disappointed.

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