Thursday, August 12, 2004



Close your eyes
And let me play among the stars
And on the moon that shone above
You're my fantasy

You're the one
That makes me fall in love
And fly to the sky like dove
You are the one that I want

You are my love
The one that makes my fantasy
Whenever I saw you
I could melt in love

Whenever I saw your face
I felt my heart in felicity
You are so charming
So perfectly shape, so lovely

You wear eyeglasses
But behind it, were your blazing eyes
Like crystal of spectacles
Like stars that sparkles

I'm so emotionally attracted
So recklessly I need you
Radically need you
So desperately sure I love you

I kiss your red lips
Down to your fingertips
A kiss that you never felt before
Full of passion

In the soft bed
You lay me with a kiss
All around me seems to be bliss
As we share the night

Till dawn
You cradle me to your arms
And kiss me all the way down
'Til my breath calm down

A wish not this is fantasy
A vision or illusion
Imagination or fiction
But you are my fantasy.

One of my inpired poems... created in January 28-30, 2000.

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