Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake...

I've just smell and this taste this kind of sweet confectionary in airplane meals serve with the main course... Today, I simply can't believe that I've tasted this kind of cake.

I'm so happy today... because I saw Joy Anne, one of my close friend in hschool accidentally in SM Manila. And I'm sure you know what happened - we talk everything... recounting the old hschool days, college life, studies and about our life until we got home to Cavite. I'm so happy because we never saw each other after the graduation until today in SM Manila. Well, I was in Manila because me and Nagi, together with her friends have visited Tokyo Kids - an anime store. I'm getting dizzy with so many anime stuff there. And promise... I'm will go back there again... soon. Thank God for Nagi that we've been in Manila because if not there I won't accidentally saw Joy Anne... I missed her and my other close friend, Jewelyn and so my other hschool friends... Oh, I'm missing the old times.

Meantime for this month there were new updates... comment box courtesy of HaloScan and links to other blogs. You can visit other cool blogs of Nagi and Lore in the links section so you can read their "fantasies" and Green Quill - this is the official on-line publication of my school where I also write articles... so please feel free to visit the site and read my articles as well as other articles of my co-writers. More updates will be coming soon this month including tag board and more links, so keep on visiting.

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