Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Last updates in Olympics

last updates in Olympics...

Too bad I wasn't able to watch the whole closing ceremony of Olympics. I've only watch a middle part and I wasn't able to finish it because My favorite show in the other channel was showing at the same time. Too bad it was the reply and I wan't able to watch, the original live fed was about 3 in the morning - how I can watch it when it is the wee hours for sleeping.

Anyway the show was great ans fastatstic as the opening ceremony. There Greek presentation and Eros again was in the show. After few speeches, a video from large screen was shown. It show the people of Beijing welcoming the Olympics. Beijing will be the next Olympic host in 2008. After that a lot of Chinese presentation followed and eveything was in Chinese!!! The backround light was jive with the presentations as it rays a bright red color, the color of China. Then the handling of the Olympic flag followed with a thurderous cheers from the crowd. The lighting out of the torch was somewhat emotional for Greece, a child came and get light from it and lit the lights of the Chinese children ( a turn over for Beijing). Then she walk away then she turn back, she said, "I will see you again" and blow an air and the fire from the towering torch died out. It was amazing! Greek star singers followed after as the athletes were happy and dancing in the celebration. And that was the last thing I saw.

I've read from the newspaper today that Alina Kabaeva of Russia won the gold, she was a bronze medallists in 2000. The bidding for the 2012 Olympics also opened and one of the candidate city is Moscow. I hope Moscow will win the bid to host the 2012 games. It would be a great Olympics because the Russians will now rule the game. Anyway the host city for 2012 will be chosen next year... 2005 of July... that is quite long to wait for.

I've also started to complete my compilation for Athens 2004... I think I've already made 30 plus page.

Team Philippines ended in Athens empty-handed for the 2nd time but they made improvements unlike in Sydney 2000 it is far from mediocre. The Filipina athletes shines like Jasmin to place 27th in Archery and Toni Rivero almost to the medals place. Well, another 4 years of waiting for Beijing, they have to train and prepare more for the next Olympics. We improve and who knows we may bag the elusive gold medal in Beijing. Maybe were really not meant to win this time but I still believe that our time will come... who knows in Beijing 2008!

Athens 2004 Olympics was a great sports event and celebration of humanity. The triumphs... the excitement... the struggles... everything was fantastic. So I hope that four years from now I will see another great spectacle from Beijing. That time I will be 23 years old but I will wait for this another great sports celebration that is my all-time favorite. See you in Beijing 2008!

Sunday, August 29, 2004


"Selfish" is the episode of this blog. Why? Here...

The team Philippines finally ended its quest for the medals in Athens games. Our taekwondo jins failed to win the any medals in the last days of the game. We had a good fight with Donald Geisler and Toni Rivero but I felt we've been "cheated" in the fight. A lot of kicks was thrown to the opponent but it didn't count a score especially the fight of Rivero to a Greek favored by the hometown crowd. Toni Rivero mede her fall the Greek to her kness 2 times by throwing her out of the court and there was no deduction of points to the Greek! A lot of kicks by Rivero were thrown but can you imagine the result was 1-2. Rivero's game was third bout a semifinal for the gold match and it lost. She went to bag the bronze but lost to a Korean jin. Geisler was given a chance for the bronze after a lost in the first bout which is a miracle but he was injured in the his 2nd fight and rushed him to the hospital, so the Tunisian opponent won. And after these fights I felt "cheated". Cheated to not win... I felf they're "selfish" because they didn't let Philippines to bag a medal even a bronze they didn't allow us to have... they don't want to share a medal, I felt we're been deprived to win a medal... I felt they're selfish...

In the women's volleyball finals, Russia was defeated by the surprising in of China for the gold medal. I can't believe Russia lost in 5 set event that I think the best fight I ever saw. It was heart-wrenching, thrilling and energy-filled. I saw Ekaterina Gamova, the star of the Russian team and my fave player broke to tears when they lost (I also want to broke in tears, too). You know why? I think they've been waiting for this event for Cuba not to enter the finals bec. Cuba is their long been rival for the gold since Sydney 2000. And their came empowered China and stole they're dream. I think she also cried bec. of frustration and maybe is she going to retire and she want to taste the gold before she left the team. But I hope she won't retire... she still young and who know's after 4 years in Beijing they won! They've also been deprived to win for their long gold dream... selfish.

I also recently knew that Cuba beat Brazil, the team famed Leila Barros and Ericka Coimbra for the bronze medal which the Brazilians won in 2000. Too bad they didn't able to defend their medal... selfish. My fave Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina was going to retire this year and this is going to be her last Olympic stint... too bad she didn't won gold but at least a silver. She was hoping for a gold for the last time but failed... selfish.

US after beaten surprisingly by Argentina for the finals beat Lithuania for the bronze... too bad the Lithuanians also didn't able to depend their bronze last 4 years. And I've also noticed NBN4 is biased in feed about basketball event they just show events where US is in fight!

After the team Philippines stint in Olypics, I really felt "selfish" Maybe were really not meant to win this time. I think another four years for more practice of our athletes... I believe there is time for eveything like the Chile and Dominican Republic to win their first gold this time, I believe our time also will come... we'll see in Beijing.

My next post will be the last updates in Olympics.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


Last day, I've watched an exciting women's volleyball quarterfinal match of Russia against Korea in Athens 2004 games. I hate NBN4 they've just shown the women's volleyball event only in its quartelfinal event! I finally saw my favorite team Russia... of course the Russian team in volleyball won in straight sets over the Koreans in the match. They are the superpower in women's volleyball along with Cuba and Brazil.

I also finally saw my favorite Russian player Ekaterina Gamova, who is the tallest among the group and contrasting to her height becuase she is the yougest of them. I've also notice that there are new players in the team... I don't know some of them, the names of Godina and others were not there already as those were the players I know when they played here in Manila several years ago for Grand Prix. Gamova was the star of that game as her spikes can't escape the opponents in the court. She was also known for her trademark that when she is the blocker the ball will bounce back again to the opponents' court... maybe becuase of her height... I think she is 7ft. Well, team Russia is way to go for the gold... Go Russia!!!

Today, I've watched the duets syncronised swimming and that was a great event show! Russia prove again its superiority in this event as they won the event duplicating the feat they did in Sydney 2000. Russia is simple in performance but their moves syncronised to the sound of the music made them won with an almost perfect score of 99. something. Japan came second and proven again that it's woth in the event. They also have a unique presentation... jumping to the pool in a kung fu style! Third was USA which I beleive they don's deserve becuase the players were pirated from the Russian team. USA is really trying hard! They pirated from the former Russian team to have an entrant in the event. I also think that they're not deserving becuase others were more superd than their presentation like France, Greece, Ukraine and Switzerland to mention. Unfortunately, the duet France failed to defent their bronze title in Sydney which eventually went to pirated USA! Anyway, I'm looking forward to see the team event and see if Russia conquers again.

I felt frustrated and disappointed in the evening when I watched taekwondo bet of Philippines Tshomlee Go lost in his first bout with Spain with only one point lead, can you imagine???. I am really frustrated and disappointed because he didn't win... his is our lasts hopes for the medals. Oh, I hope the other jins will win in their bout in Saturday. This is another "fading stars" for the team Philippines... I am really disappointed.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Fading stars

If there is a suitable title episode for this entry of my blog, the title would be "fading stars".
Well, it is because of what's happening in Olympics after a beautiful opening ceremony last week. My last entry here was last week which is the update about the opening of Athens games and which is also quite long. Anyway, here's my update in Olympics...

The so-called 'fading stars' is team Philippines. Our medal hopes are fading... yes we improve records in swimming but no athlete made it to the medal rounds and in boxing we lost in the first two boxer athletes and have a good start with other two, I'm talking about Brin and Tanamor but in their next bout they lost, fading our campaign for the gold.

The surprise in the Philippine team is Jasmine Figueroa's 'miracle tale' who beat world champion and medalists Natalia Valeeva of Italy in Archery. However, the 'miracle stale' was short when she was edged by Spain's Almudena Gallardo by two points in the next round. By the way, Jasmine was also 2-point lead against Valeeva. Though she didn't make it to the finals she made a breaking record to be the highest ranking Filipino in Archery, she place 27th in the field of 64 athletes. Now, that was a good improvement but I'm still hoping for the gold medal. I've seen awarding ceremonies and I think I'll feel good and proud if a Filipino athlete would be standing there, receive the gold and the national anthem would be play as the national flag is being raised. I think if that would happen I might cry. I hope our athletes in taekwondo and athletics will bring home the gold or any medal in the coming weeks of competition, there are the only Filipino athletes left for the gold medal and glory campaign.

Things really change after 4 years... I don't know what's happening to team Russia... they're not dominating the medal tallies and they were left behind by China and Australia. I think they're not prepared for this Olympics, but I hope they will improved, anyway there still one week left for them to dominate the medal tallies. They are 'fading stars' right now... in the gymnastics they were over-thrown by US! They only got silver for individual and team performance. I don't know what happened to them, they are the best in gymnastics both men and women esp. Svetlana Khorkina, my fave gymnastic athlete. I can't believe she just bag the silver and the gold went to US athlete. Romania proved again its reputation as best in gymnastics when they won the golds inthe events and China was also 'fading stars' in gymnastics I don't know what happen to China they are best in gymnastics last Olympics and now they just place a mediocre.

China is really prepared in this games, look at the medal tallies they are at the top 1. Last two days they were overthrown by US in medals because of Micheal Phelps who won many golds in swimming but right now I check in the site, China is in the top again. Japan is a surprise in the medal board, they are third in the tally and one of the first country to win gold in this year's Olympics along with China. Japanese are really prepared for this Olympics!

Actually Asians rule the top three, China, follwed by USA and then Japan which is surprising because in Sydney 2000 they are rank below. USA is really monster in the medals as they attempt to become number one again like what they did in Sydney 4 years ago but China is more prepared from them that still rule in the tally board as rank no. 1.

About the athletes in the swimming... Austalia's Ian Thorpe and USA's Micheal Phelps are the stars of the swimming event. Phelps is attention grabbing in the games with an ambition to bag 7 golds in one Olympic game to equal Mark Spitz in Munich 1976 but actually that ambition ended as Ian Thorpe didn't allow him to get the gold in other events, Phelps only manage to get five... one of the medals he dream to win were snatch by Thorpe. I think this is Phelps first time in Olympics as his name didn't sound in Sydney. By the way Ian Thorpe also managed to depend his swimming title and manage also snatch the gold from Netherlands' Pieter van den Hoogenband, my favorite swimmer, in the 200m freestyle that Pieter won in Sydney. Meanwhile, Pieter managed to depend his title in 100m freestyle and took the gold. Hehe... he proved again that he is one of the star of Olympic games after Thorpe and Phelps.

It's also another "hehe" for USA team basketball as yesterday they were defeated by Lithuania in their match. This was their second loss after Puerto Rico who beat them in the early preliminaries. Lithuania retained its position as unbeaten team in basketball. I hate them... they thought they'll gonna win again like in the Sydney where they bag the gold, well they're wrong! They were dubbed as "Dream Team" which I think for me they're not!!! Their dream is over for the gold, its time to give way for the other countries! So I'm so happy that even Philippines have not yet won any medal at least China is dominating. I hate them when they beat Greece and Australia... but they struggle to past Greece as their final scores were neck-to-neck and though they won the cheers comes from the hometown crowd for team Greece. Meanwhile in China, Yao Ming even he is now playing for China and the tallest I think he wasn't able to do something to uplift their team in their pool group. They were beaten 2 times but who knows more games will come this week. But for the meantime my cheer goes to Lithuania for beating USA!

The tennis event this year's games is I think the star-studded! Venus Williams is present without her sister Serena who cited that she has knee injury. USA's Andy Roddick and Swiss Roger Federer was also present to add more stars in the court. But infortunately they didn't fit for the world athletes match as all of them were eliminated in their seeds. Federer was eliminated first putting shame in his title as depending champion in the event in Sydney 200 and Roddick after 2 or 3 seed loss to Chilean and put shame to his title as champion. Venus was also a shame when Mary Pierce of France beat her and made her eliminated in the tennis court. What a sad tale fortune for the stars of the tennis...

I'm glad that I able to watch Olympic games (fully without interruption from my other 'businesses') fed by NBN4 this weekend. I also finally decided to continue my picture and article compilation in Olympics for this year after Sydney 2000. So I already started collecting newpapers since last week. Actually I already made the first five page of the compilation.

I remember last Saturday that I'm going to have a reunion with my close friends in hschool - Joy Anne and Jewelyn, as we've plan with Joy Anne because it is her birthday the next day and she is going blowout us. We've talk about it when we saw each other in SM Manila. But too bad it was cancelled and I feel disappointed afterwards, because I'm hoping to see them. And it is going to be our reunion because we haven't saw each other since I went to college. Jewelyn backout first because of her ailing grandfather so Joy Anne cancelled it bec. we were not complete. I really felt disapponted! And sad too... A good in the afternoon while I watch Olympic games Gnes txt me and says that let's see each other with my other friends in Arthur's house. Well I feel relief that I will see my other friends despite of Joy Anne's cancelled birthday blowout. We went to E and then to McDo with Ariane. We share stories as usual but it was fun and I enjoy hanging out with them becuase we relief again the good old times.

At Sunday 6 p.m. I've listened to home radio as they played James Bond theme songs which I crave to listened to since last Friday when I heard its announcement in bus radio. Too bad that I wasn't able to listen to all the songs but those I've heard were good even those I've don't know. Those favorites of mine played were 'For Your Eyes Only'by Sheena Easton, Madonna's 'Die Another Day' Shirley Bassey's 'Goldfinger' and 'Tomorrow Never Dies performed by Sheryl Crow. I hope they continue featuring James Bonds' themes next Sunday

This entry is quite long too like my last entry last week. But I'll try to minimize this... this just because of my updates and craze in Olympics. I am also happy that many visitors were keep on viewing my blog... the counter reach to 300 plus visits!!! A big thank you from me!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Greece welcomes the world!!!

I woke up early as 3 a.m. just to watch Greece!!!
But more than that... to watch the opening ceremony of Athens 2004 Olympics that is in Greece!

Actually I wanted to write this in August 13 because that is the opening day but due to my other "businesses" I write it just today, anyway, it was live fed from NBN 4 becuase the local time there is 8 p.m. Finally right before my eyes I saw the rich heritage and places of Athens that someday I wish to visit. They show everything what Greece has to offer in the eyes of the world. The opening ceremony was a grandeur and really long, imagine! it lasted for almost 5 hours, it ended at 7 in the morning. I am happy to see Athens and the parading cultural presentation of Greece. The opening ceremony presentations was wonderful as it shows all about Greece in the huge stadium with a unique lake in the middle where all the presentation took place. The presentation and cultural parade showed tribute to all Greek philosophers and pioneers in different fields like math, geometry, art, sculpture and medecine. There was a centaur and a man and woman who kissed live as part of the presentation. The parade also showed what the Greeks known for - the Greek Mythology! Eros was there, All other gods and godessess was there, the Satyr was there! Hercules and the Hydra was there, and Alexander the was there and many others presented in a unique Greek statue way by showing showing the presentors in body paint statue! Their body paint made them like a human life statue!

This is is the emblem of the Athens 2004 Olympics. It is a unique Greek design of an olive wreath. Olive wreathes are the first medals in ancient olympics. This is courtesy of www.athens2004.com.

Did I also mention that the opening ceremony were star-studded? Queen Sophia of Spain was there and former US president George Bush. Prince Albert of Monaco was there, Prince of Denmark (I don't know his name) and British Prime Minister Tony Blair and other political figures and socialites.

Then there are speechies from the heads and then the parade of of delegate athletes, by the way in Greek alphatbet! So they are rumble. I waited long as the 202 nations parade to look for team Philippines which came around at 6 am in local time because they were in 197 place! The team Philippines was in native dress like the others, the women were in ternos and men were in barong. Among the teams Austalia was one of the most lauded by the audience... maybe bec. the were the host nation in the last games. Others which were most lauded are Cyprus - maybe bec. they were Greece neigbhor countries and Iraq who got a standing ovation from the audience maybe bec. despite of the war they still manage to participate and everybody knows what happened to them. Its just a way of people's appreciation. Korea also had a warm cheer for marching again for the 2nd time unified! It was like "he he" for US because they were not that warm welcome by the audience. It good for them bec. I know they are the monster of the medals. The announcing of names were also unique because it is mentioned three times, one, the name of the country in their own language, second, in Greek languand and third in English. Gladly that the announcer pronounce "Pilipinas" correctly.

By the team Greece entered there was thunderous cheer from the crowd cheering Ellas! Ellas! Ellas! The Grrek word for Greece. And I think they are the most numbered athlete in the game because they filled the whole stadium and everyone was so proud and happy as seen in the camera.

And Bjork was there, who performed a song number. The Olympic torch followed but before there was another presention of recounting the hosts countries from 1896 in which Athens hosted the first modern games up to 2004 where the crowd made a thuderous cheer again! They presented it with a man running carrying a flag with an olive design in it. Then each time a hosted country is mention he passes after a ribbon, when the World Wars 1 and 2 mentioned he would stop. When World War 1 was mentioned he dropped to his kness I thought it was true but it was part of the presention. It was really unique presentation from the Greeks... almost all were unique.

In the center stage stage there was an olive tree and the water in the middle also did gone before the parade of athletes bec. they will be place there. It was incredibly how they did make the water gone out of the center of the stadium. The lighting of the torch was incredible and ceremonial. Great Greek athletes that gave honor to Greece passes one by one torch until it reach a tall torch which I think computer-controlled. It was so tall that it passes the height of the stadium. It was a beautiful sight to see. Then fireworks were lighted in the stadium which was so beautiful bec. some were rainbow color I mean all the seven color were present. It was also wonderful to see right before your eyes.

Later in the noon I also did watch the replay in at 12pm and at 10pm. God! I'm really an Olympic fan! I am also thinking if I will make again a documentary compilation about this year's Olympics, bec. in Sydney 2000 Olympics I did have compilation of pictures from the magazine and newpapers and I had it bookbined. I am thinking if I am going to repeat it again... what do you think?

In the afternoon there were already live fed of the games. I've watched first Philippines compettion in swimming. Miguel Molina was 8th in his heat (I felt "nakakahiya!") and Miguel Mendoza was 1st in his heat. We were holding our breath as we watch them (I was watching with my family) and we're happy in cheers 'bout Mendoza who place first in the heat!

In Sunday I bought newspapers for pictures and news. I 've decided to continue my compilation in Athens 2004 Olympics, oh my this another "business". I learned that Camat, a Philippine boxer was beaten by Russia and other news 'bout the games. I was hoping that the campaign for the gold will come true, my support only to the Philippine athletes was only a prayer. Even GMA had a nationwide speech for the team Philippines saying that winning doesn't matter but the spirit of friendship and humanity is in reign. She also said many inspirational speech in support for the athletes. For me, we are thirsting for the gold and I hope team Philippines will won. We long for the gold medal and glory for our country, so I say... Go team Philippines!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2004



Close your eyes
And let me play among the stars
And on the moon that shone above
You're my fantasy

You're the one
That makes me fall in love
And fly to the sky like dove
You are the one that I want

You are my love
The one that makes my fantasy
Whenever I saw you
I could melt in love

Whenever I saw your face
I felt my heart in felicity
You are so charming
So perfectly shape, so lovely

You wear eyeglasses
But behind it, were your blazing eyes
Like crystal of spectacles
Like stars that sparkles

I'm so emotionally attracted
So recklessly I need you
Radically need you
So desperately sure I love you

I kiss your red lips
Down to your fingertips
A kiss that you never felt before
Full of passion

In the soft bed
You lay me with a kiss
All around me seems to be bliss
As we share the night

Till dawn
You cradle me to your arms
And kiss me all the way down
'Til my breath calm down

A wish not this is fantasy
A vision or illusion
Imagination or fiction
But you are my fantasy.

One of my inpired poems... created in January 28-30, 2000.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Dreams in Japan...

Early this morning I had a dream that I was in Japan particularly near the airport. It's kind a weird because I'm with my sister. We're visiting the place and its was suddenly cut-off when my mom wake me up and told me that my sister needs to borrow my internet card. It was really weird... what do you think? This is the second time that I dreamed that I was in Japan... maybe because Japan wants me to visit again their country :)

Today I suddenly felt missing one of my close classmate in school... Ehm, she is out-of-school because she gets pregnant to her first child. I miss her. But anyway she'll be back in second sem to continue her studies.

I added in the links the official website of Athens 2004 Olympics in honor of its celebration as it starts in four days... 'hope Philippines will won gold this time. Let's support the team Philippines in the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Friday, August 06, 2004


Today, I have new updates... My shoutbox is already featured in my blog. It's like a tag-board where we can chat if I'm online or others are online to chat with me... plus it has cute smilies that I like. "Admin" is also added in the blog links... our boss webmaster in forumer/dlsud, a web forum which I also included a link to the site.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake...

I've just smell and this taste this kind of sweet confectionary in airplane meals serve with the main course... Today, I simply can't believe that I've tasted this kind of cake.

I'm so happy today... because I saw Joy Anne, one of my close friend in hschool accidentally in SM Manila. And I'm sure you know what happened - we talk everything... recounting the old hschool days, college life, studies and about our life until we got home to Cavite. I'm so happy because we never saw each other after the graduation until today in SM Manila. Well, I was in Manila because me and Nagi, together with her friends have visited Tokyo Kids - an anime store. I'm getting dizzy with so many anime stuff there. And promise... I'm will go back there again... soon. Thank God for Nagi that we've been in Manila because if not there I won't accidentally saw Joy Anne... I missed her and my other close friend, Jewelyn and so my other hschool friends... Oh, I'm missing the old times.

Meantime for this month there were new updates... comment box courtesy of HaloScan and links to other blogs. You can visit other cool blogs of Nagi and Lore in the links section so you can read their "fantasies" and Green Quill - this is the official on-line publication of my school where I also write articles... so please feel free to visit the site and read my articles as well as other articles of my co-writers. More updates will be coming soon this month including tag board and more links, so keep on visiting.
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