Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mr. Topnotcher

Mr. Topnotcher... that is what my teacher in Asian and western civilization, Mr. Cuarto called me when he declared that I am the topnotcher of in his subject in the prelim exams... I'm glad because I've sacrifice a lot of my rest time for the one week prelims and my sacrificing of sleeping late at night become worthy. And I also think later after that... dapat lang! anak 'ata 'to ni Mam Mabel. am Mabel was my teacher in world history back in highschool. Meantime, I'm currently searching for the best skin for my blog (seeking help to my friend, Nagi - a site wizard) 'hope in my next post that a new skin is published. I am happy that prelims is over and now its midterm...another start of a new battle.

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