Monday, July 26, 2004

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Our friendship makes our lives
Happy and jolly, no sorrow and cries
We always share our lives to no lies
Like the beauty of the world that is so mild

Our friendship is the moment of happiness
That takes away my sadness
Friends are like treasure
Where I can lean on for sure

My friends help on my way
With me everyday
We share our daughters and stories together
Till I see their smiles in my mind forever

Make new friends, but keep the old
Those are silvers these are gold
Circle of friends where we all belong
Will forever lasted long

Past these days were all friends
Through sadness, happiness and hope never ends
Let s filled the world of our friendship
The friendship that never ends


Friends are important to me and I know everyone would agree with that , we spend almost half of our life with them I composed this poem last July 14, 1999 dedicated to my sophomore classmates at II-St. Magdalena of Nagazaki. That year was one of the most memorable year in my life, there were many things happen, memories, fun, laughs and of course friends that make memorable memories. How I wish I could bring back those days

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