Thursday, July 29, 2004

by the ocean....

Welcome to my new skin...
by the ocean... its tranquil, serene and calm.
by the ocean... I like the harmony of colors especially the blending my favorite color blue.
by the ocean... I like it when I first saw it in blogskins, its the best.
by the ocean... This skin is made possible with the help of encoding it with my friend, Nagi. She help me arrange the skin and I edit the few codes to make it more appealing and beautiful.
by the ocean... Hope you like it...

Meanwhile, I hate my professor in Cognitive Psychology, she is always late in our class. I notice her tardiness in the past weeks of our sessions and I think its becoming habitual. She is late either 10 to 15 minutes of the class. I hate it! I come early to class early and she is late, she's not showing a quality time as a person.

And i also noticed in our class there are so many EVP's - executive vice president of epals in our classroom, especially those irregular students in our asian and western civilization class. "Mga epal!" they thought they know everything and 'mamoru' - the real EVP in our class, my friend was complaining 'bout this gal in her 'epalization' in their org. meeting, she was the real EVP!

These situations are getting to my nerves. Good thing is that I like my new skin. It calms me down in this EVP's. I like views of ocean eversince... its peaceful, natural, serene and blue. I like its natural look although it takes time to show its backrough image. But I really love it... hope you like it.

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