Sunday, July 25, 2004

Best Song Collection

Best Song Collection

I just recently bought a Sailor Moon Audio CD Original Soundtracks entitled Best Song Collection . And I like it... I don t regret that I bought it because it s really worth to buy especially for someone who is fanatic so I recommend it to Bishoujo Senshi fans. The CD was a compilation of best songs from Sailor Moon series and movie theme songs which unfortunately I can t able to read sing along with the lyrics because they were in Katakana. So I have to research in the net for the lyrics and English translations, fortunately I found one site.

I like the songs especially the 'Sailor Star Song', the opening theme song of its 5th season and the ending song 'Kaze Mo Sora mo Kitto' (The Wind, The Sky, Surely) has different version in sound and I like its beat. I also like 'Rashiku Ikimasho' (Let s Go As We Are) by Meu; this is the second ending song of the 4th season. I also like the ending songs of a ballad 'Watashitachi ni Naritakute' (We Want to be Ourselves) and 'Tuxedo Mirage', which was sung by the original seiyuu voices of Bishoujo Senshi. I like Moon Revenge which was the ending song of Sailor Moon R The Movie and the ballad song 'Moonlight Destiny' by Hiroko Asakawa that was somewhat contains French words that I don’t like, they made it a tango tune. I want the version in the movie, which is sadder, and more ballad in tune.
Well, I enjoy listening to the songs and it was indeed the best song collection of my favorite songs from Sailor Moon. So fanatics, you have to grab a copy of this CD that contains great songs so you can relieve again the beauty of this animation and by the way there is another release of Sailor Moon song collection, which I consider also to buy. Oh remember what was the last thing that I want to do... is I want to listen and sing over and over again.

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