Saturday, July 31, 2004

Peaceful Ocean

Peaceful Ocean

Cold seabreeze passed across my body
The ocean is so peaceful
With the waves roared and chilled through my body
The blue sky was so wonderful

The waves splashed on the sand
The breeze whispered to my ear
Seashores covered with throught sand
The water in the ocean has many colors
Blue, cornflower, violet and light blue

The reflection of the sunlight makes the colors
Bright and beautiful and all turn to blue
My life is like the peaceful ocean
And I want to stay my life peaceful forever

My life is like the peaceful ocean
And I want to stay my life peaceful forever
Like the way the breeze whisper from the ocean
I want to my life peaceful as I remember the ocean in my mind

As sun sets down
The blue sky turn to pink
The sunset that was beautiful as it go down
Peaceful ocean, I want it to remember forever.

This is perfect for my skin which I composed 5 years ago can you imagined that... it was July 19, 1999. I was inspired to write this when I saw the ocean over the window in the 3rd floor building of our school when I was in hschool. Eversince then I love the views of the ocean, the hues of blue... its serenity and peacefulness. You won't be tired looking at this natural scenery.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

by the ocean....

Welcome to my new skin...
by the ocean... its tranquil, serene and calm.
by the ocean... I like the harmony of colors especially the blending my favorite color blue.
by the ocean... I like it when I first saw it in blogskins, its the best.
by the ocean... This skin is made possible with the help of encoding it with my friend, Nagi. She help me arrange the skin and I edit the few codes to make it more appealing and beautiful.
by the ocean... Hope you like it...

Meanwhile, I hate my professor in Cognitive Psychology, she is always late in our class. I notice her tardiness in the past weeks of our sessions and I think its becoming habitual. She is late either 10 to 15 minutes of the class. I hate it! I come early to class early and she is late, she's not showing a quality time as a person.

And i also noticed in our class there are so many EVP's - executive vice president of epals in our classroom, especially those irregular students in our asian and western civilization class. "Mga epal!" they thought they know everything and 'mamoru' - the real EVP in our class, my friend was complaining 'bout this gal in her 'epalization' in their org. meeting, she was the real EVP!

These situations are getting to my nerves. Good thing is that I like my new skin. It calms me down in this EVP's. I like views of ocean eversince... its peaceful, natural, serene and blue. I like its natural look although it takes time to show its backrough image. But I really love it... hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mr. Topnotcher

Mr. Topnotcher... that is what my teacher in Asian and western civilization, Mr. Cuarto called me when he declared that I am the topnotcher of in his subject in the prelim exams... I'm glad because I've sacrifice a lot of my rest time for the one week prelims and my sacrificing of sleeping late at night become worthy. And I also think later after that... dapat lang! anak 'ata 'to ni Mam Mabel. am Mabel was my teacher in world history back in highschool. Meantime, I'm currently searching for the best skin for my blog (seeking help to my friend, Nagi - a site wizard) 'hope in my next post that a new skin is published. I am happy that prelims is over and now its midterm...another start of a new battle.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Our friendship makes our lives
Happy and jolly, no sorrow and cries
We always share our lives to no lies
Like the beauty of the world that is so mild

Our friendship is the moment of happiness
That takes away my sadness
Friends are like treasure
Where I can lean on for sure

My friends help on my way
With me everyday
We share our daughters and stories together
Till I see their smiles in my mind forever

Make new friends, but keep the old
Those are silvers these are gold
Circle of friends where we all belong
Will forever lasted long

Past these days were all friends
Through sadness, happiness and hope never ends
Let s filled the world of our friendship
The friendship that never ends


Friends are important to me and I know everyone would agree with that , we spend almost half of our life with them I composed this poem last July 14, 1999 dedicated to my sophomore classmates at II-St. Magdalena of Nagazaki. That year was one of the most memorable year in my life, there were many things happen, memories, fun, laughs and of course friends that make memorable memories. How I wish I could bring back those days

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Best Song Collection

Best Song Collection

I just recently bought a Sailor Moon Audio CD Original Soundtracks entitled Best Song Collection . And I like it... I don t regret that I bought it because it s really worth to buy especially for someone who is fanatic so I recommend it to Bishoujo Senshi fans. The CD was a compilation of best songs from Sailor Moon series and movie theme songs which unfortunately I can t able to read sing along with the lyrics because they were in Katakana. So I have to research in the net for the lyrics and English translations, fortunately I found one site.

I like the songs especially the 'Sailor Star Song', the opening theme song of its 5th season and the ending song 'Kaze Mo Sora mo Kitto' (The Wind, The Sky, Surely) has different version in sound and I like its beat. I also like 'Rashiku Ikimasho' (Let s Go As We Are) by Meu; this is the second ending song of the 4th season. I also like the ending songs of a ballad 'Watashitachi ni Naritakute' (We Want to be Ourselves) and 'Tuxedo Mirage', which was sung by the original seiyuu voices of Bishoujo Senshi. I like Moon Revenge which was the ending song of Sailor Moon R The Movie and the ballad song 'Moonlight Destiny' by Hiroko Asakawa that was somewhat contains French words that I don’t like, they made it a tango tune. I want the version in the movie, which is sadder, and more ballad in tune.
Well, I enjoy listening to the songs and it was indeed the best song collection of my favorite songs from Sailor Moon. So fanatics, you have to grab a copy of this CD that contains great songs so you can relieve again the beauty of this animation and by the way there is another release of Sailor Moon song collection, which I consider also to buy. Oh remember what was the last thing that I want to do... is I want to listen and sing over and over again.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Busy business...

I'm currently busy working for the content of my website, I really want it to finish as soon as possible so I can promote it. Meanwhile, I'm also looking for the different blog skins for my blog and guess what I didn't find any, maybe I'll just check out the my friends recommend to me. Now I'm also busy for my prelims this week and I did few studying well anyway later I will take my exams in technical writing, I hope I pass the exam. Oh, there is somuch thing to do...busy...busy...busy... In my future post here I will post my poems that I created with few infos 'bout it. I hope you enjoy reading.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My own feelings...

I had a confession to make....
I'm a having a hard time working with my blog but I know soon I'll finish it. Right now, I'm busy building and "exploring" my blog and at the same time creating my website for Sailor Moon fans. But in days to come I'll post here new updates and post my beloved romantic poems. See yah!
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